Consider This: Not your ordinary day


By Ken Hammock, The Joy FM

It was one of those days where staying in bed might have been a better option. My hopes of a normal day ended quite early.

• I discovered all my dress shirts had not been laundered, and I was left with the necessity of handwashing, drying and ironing a shirt to wear.

• I headed to work in a semi-dry state to discover I had a tire going flat. First stop was a tire dealer.

• Second stop was the office where the I.T. team was updating on our server. Two cups of coffee later I finally got my computer back, gathered my presentations, and hit the road. My first appointment was the other side of Atlanta, an hour and a half away. Halfway there, a phone call cancelled the appointment. Great.

• With free time I called an associate to grab lunch. Since it was early I decided to catch up on computer work. Except, my iPad had not charged and had only 11 percent battery life. So I switched to phone calls.

• My lunch pal was late, so I had only 30 minutes of time to visit before heading to my one o’clock appointment. I rushed out with a quick GPS search. It had taken me 3 weeks to get this appointment and I wanted to be on time.

• When I got to the address there were several firetrucks in the driveway and firemen redirecting traffic. I discovered the business had burned to the ground. Well now.

• With this day headed in the wrong direction I thought it best to head back to the office to prep for my four o’clock appointment. Wrong. Back at the office I was met in the foyer by an unknown person who just wanted to talk…. about his suicidal thoughts. The office went on immediate lock down. Police were called, counselors were brought in, and I was there for two hours; thus missing my next appointment.

• I’d like to just call it a day, but I had a dinner event that evening. As I chewed on the barbecue ribs, the crunch in my mouth wasn’t a bone, but rather a filling from one of my teeth. Abso-totally awesome.

Have you ever had a day like this? How would you explain this to someone? How would you handle a day filled with a series of unfortunate events? This story is actually true. I had a day just like this, with very little embellishment of the facts. Setbacks are expected, but an entire day riddled with challenges might seem overwhelming to just about anyone. Even with a day like this, you and I must find positives. What did God have in mind for me? Did I follow Him throughout the day? How did I include Him in my decisions and actions?

• For one, the man at the tire store needed a kind word, someone to listen, and someone to pray. His wife was very sick, possibly cancer, and he was burdened.

• The cancelled appointment was because of a death in the family. She definitely needed prayer and consoling.

• During the short lunch meeting I discovered the individual was going through a divorce. My friend wondered if anyone really cared, and there I was with an invitation for lunch. Right on time.

• The owner of the business lost to fire certainly needed a kind word, hope and encouragement.

• God definitely used me with the suicidal individual. He needed someone to not only listen but to also hear him. Hopefully, he has found help.

• And the tooth filling? I don’t have that one figured out yet. But, God know who I might meet at the dentist office.
The next day I was back to work, as normal, making phone calls, setting up appointments and moving forward from there. I know no matter how tough my day may seem, there are opportunities where God can use you. Don’t miss them by complaining about your own circumstances.

God is in control. Believe it. Live it.

Let me know if I can help.


Ken Hammock is a 30-year marketing veteran and is the Corporate Engagement Specialist for The JOY FM. You can reach him via email at [email protected].

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