Listed below are various Frequently Asked Questions regarding The Weekly (formerly The Shopper) and The Paper print editions.

What is The Weekly?
It is a 16-24 page, free weekly publication offering full color and is published in a tabloid size (10.5 inches x 15 inches) on newsprint. The publication specializes in connecting Coweta County readers with local advertisers. The marketing power of this publication is through direct mail – via U.S. Postal Service – as it is mailed up to 22,500 deliverable addresses including homes and businesses in Coweta County, Georgia.

What is The Paper?
The Paper usually runs 32 pages of full color and is the premier “what to do, see eat” publication in the area. It has local columnists focusing on live music, films, streaming services, books, news, humor. We have an ever-growing collection of secret “joints” – those food places only the locals know about. There are interviews with local residents ranging from the mayor to an 8th degree black belt to someone who’s been to the Great Wall of China five times. There are even calendars by date and by location so you never miss anything.

What is The Weekly’s circulation? 
The Weekly is direct-mailed the second, third and fourth Wednesday to 7,500 unique – pardon the website analytic terminology – homes and businesses in Coweta County. In a 3-week period, The Weekly reaches up to 22,500 unique homes and business addresses across the county.

What is The Paper’s circulation?
The Paper is a monthly publication with a circulation of 10,000 – which 4,300 are direct-mailed to Lake Redwine, SummerGrove, Arbor Springs, White Oak and Newnan Country Club. It is also distributed to more than 150 locations throughout Coweta and Fayette counties. Its readership is more than 21,000.

What part of the county does The Weekly target with its mailing each week?
That’s an excellent question. The Weekly utilizes Zone Mailing via Zip Codes with its weekly publication and distribution, allowing advertisers to target neighborhoods closest to their place of business when placing an ad. Advertisers can target municipalities – like Newnan, Senoia, Sharpsburg – or target neighborhoods – like White Oak, Canongate, Lake Hills, Avery Park, Thomas Crossroads, Powers Crossroads and more. Contact one of our sales representatives for more information.

How competitive are The Weekly’s Advertising Rates?
We like to think of our advertising rates as the best value for businesses wanting to market to a Coweta County audience. Our ad sizes range from a full page to 1/12th of a page. Advertising Rates vary, depending on size and number of insertions. For example, a 1/12th page ad (roughly 3 inches wide by 3.5 inches tall) is about $100 for 1 insertion or about 1 cent per address (7,500 deliverable addresses). Where else can you package an advertising message to 7,500 addresses for a penny each?

How competitive are The Paper’s advertising rates?
See above

Are there any advertising discounts?
Absolutely. The Weekly and The Paper offer a Frequency Discount Program if you choose to advertise for at least 2-or-more weeks. The maximum discounts kick in when you choose to advertise for multiple weeks. Ask your Sales Representative for more information.

What is the advertising cost of using full process color in my ad?
Nothing. Process color is free and included as an added value as part of your advertising rate.

What is the advertising cost for designing my ad?
Again nothing. We will be happy to design your ad at no cost or we can use an ad which you have designed.

What are The Weekly and The Paper deadlines for placing an advertisement?
The earlier the better as the ol’ saying goes but we can reserve space and build your ad in most instances by utilizing a deadline of 12 Noon on Fridays for the following Wednesday publication.

What is the procedure for contacting The Weekly and/or The Paper if I want to place an ad?
Please call our office at 770-254-1421 or email at [email protected].