Winters Media and Publishing, Inc., produces two publications year round – The Weekly (formerly The Shopper) and The Paper. The Shopper was rebranded in January 2022 and underwent a name change to The Weekly. The Shopper had been around since 1989, as a free, weekly publication and will remain that way under the moniker of The Weekly. Also, The Paper, born May 2017, is our other free, monthly publication.

The Weekly uses a Zoned Mailing approach in its weekly direct-mail distribution to residential and business addresses in Coweta County. In fact, the 2024 weekly mailing distribution is designed to give businesses a greater diversity throughout the county each and every week as well as the efficiency of Zone Mailing via Zip Codes.

The Paper is distributed to more than 150 locations throughout Coweta County and is direct-mailed to Lake Redwine, SummerGrove, Arbor Springs, Newnan Country Club and White Oak (approximately 4,300 addresses). Monthly circulation is 10,000 with a readership more than 21,000. The publication goes out the first week of the month.

In 2024, The Weekly is direct-mailed and distributed to more than 7,500 unique residential and business addresses the second, third and fourth Wednesday of each month. Overall, The Weekly is direct-mailed and distributed to 22,500 unique addresses every 15 days.

Listed below are highlighted municipalities, neighborhoods and streets where The Weekly and The Paper is mailed during a respective week of each month.

The Weekly Print Distribution Map

1st Week of the Month: The Paper Zone 1
Direct-mailed to these five communities: Lake Redwine, Arbor Springs, Newnan Country Club, SummerGrove and White Oak.  Distribution to over 150 locations in Coweta, Fayette and South Fulton Counties.

2nd Week of the Month – The Weekly Zone 2 / Zip Codes 30277, 30276
Direct-mailed to a number of these neighborhoods: Canongate, Palmetto-Tyrone Rd, Minix Rd, Fischer Rd, Andrew Bailey Rd, Hwy 34 East, Hwy 154 South, Lower Fayetteville Rd East, Bob Smith Rd, Hwy. 54 South, Sharpsburg, Senoia, and Starr’s Mill.

3rd Week of the Month – The Weekly Zone 3 / Zip Codes 30265, 30259
Direct-mailed to a number of these neighborhoods: Stonebridge, Stillwood Farms, Lower Fayetteville Rd West, Wentworth Subd, Heritage Ridge, Sullivan Rd, Lora Smith Rd, Hwy. 154 North, Baker Rd, Posey Rd, Thomas Crossroads, Springwater Chase, Raymond Hill Rd, Moreland, Hwy. 27 South, and Gordon Rd.

4th Week of the Month – The Weekly Zone 4 / Zip Code 30263
Direct-mailed to a number of these neighborhoods: Downtown Newnan, Platinum Point, LaGrange St, Newnan HS area, Bullsboro Dr, Avery Park, Lake Hills, Happy Valley Cir, Timberidge, Cedar Creek Rd, Roscoe Rd, Macedonia Rd, Buddy West Rd, Hwy. 27 North, Sargent, Hwy. 34 West, Powers Crossroads, and Smokey Rd.