Better Way Ministries Offering Discounts On Moving


If you ever need movers, these guys offer a competitive price — and you’ll be helping out an incredible ministry.

Our program is Christ centered and Biblically based. Located in Peachtree City, Georgia, for a period of 18 months, men who enter A Better Way will live, work and study alongside others; they will be properly equipped to seek Jesus Christ for the answers they so desperately need. A Better Way Ministries is not simply a rehab facility, we are a discipleship program. We are passionate about guiding our students to become fully transformed men of God, leaving destructive life patterns behind.

Many of the men in our program came to us with very little knowledge of the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are absolutely committed to the daily spiritual growth of our students through personal Bible devotions, corporate worship and prayer, church services and specialized classes and study materials. We feel all of these commitments are necessary to provide the depth and knowledge that is crucial for authentic life change.

An 18 month discipleship program such as ours may seem daunting at first. A sudden lifestyle change from selfishness to structure can be very difficult; but our standards are non-negotiable. Communication with family and friends will be cut off for a period of several months. Our days start early at 4:45am. All types of nicotine products are strictly prohibited. Guidelines regarding hygiene, dress attire, organization, speech, attitude and personal responsibility – all individually enforced. The bar is set high at A Better Way Ministries, but if a man is willing to go the distance to experience true life change; we will most definitely go the distance for him.

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  1. Jill Tyler 4 March, 2024 at 16:44 Reply
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    I have both usable donation on good tepai and ,3 items that will probably need to be disposed of.

    Do you do this,? I don’t want the good things just trashed but I don’t have time to sell it.

    So it is both donation and removal.
    I took pics but can’t get them here.
    It is one high boy dresser not pretty at all but works

    One bedroom dressers 6 drawers good condition
    1 love seat good
    I couch good condition but can’t sell cushion ripped moving.
    Dining table seats 8 good condition.
    I have l miscellaneous house hold items of you take that.
    Just a note…April 11 I have 31 years.
    Thanks much!

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