Great gift experiences for foodies


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Experiential gifts shift the emphasis from tangible items to building memories through experiences.

Various studies have indicated that the memories gained through experiences may surpass the exhilaration and happiness of receiving a material item. What’s more, experiential gifts may be something that people can share together — expanding the possibilities of gift-giving even further.

There are many different experiences to accommodate people’s specific interests. People who enjoy spending time in the kitchen will undoubtedly be excited by these food-related experiential gifts.

Culinary classes

What better way to enjoy a passion for cooking than by learning more about techniques and terminology? Culinary classes can be the perfect avenue through which to gain more experience and instruction from professionals. While it’s possible to enroll in a culinary school if the goal is to change careers, many different private classes are ideal for hobbyists, such as cake decorating lessons to classes catering to children and teens.

Attend a show
Food as entertainment was first made popular by legendary television personality Julia Child. Child paved the way for many others, including professionally trained chefs and those like Rachael Ray, who honed her self-taught skills through experience. Network food shows often tape in metropolitan areas like New York and Los Angeles. Research how to purchase tickets and give the experience of being an audience member.

Food and beverage hop
To promote local businesses, many cities and towns with strong hospitality markets organize seasonal restaurant tasting tours. For a predetermined price, participants gain entry to various establishments offering samples of their offerings. Gift-givers can purchase entry to these events, gifting a few people at the same time. Then the group can sip and nibble the day away.

Personal chef for a day
Treat someone to a professionally prepared meal in his or her own home. Private caterers and personal chefs will sometimes offer their services and walk guests through the making of a meal — preparing it right before their eyes in one person’s home. It’s a great way to learn technique and gather with a few other lucky people to enjoy a delicious meal at home with little effort.

Food-based experiential gifts can treat any foodie to special memories that last a lifetime.

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