Local nonprofit Mission Mbale awarded $10,000 grant

Pictured above: The award was presented to Renee Wright, Board member for Mission Mbale. The grant was presented by Darey Kittle, Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Larry Wynn, Executive Director of Georgia Baptist Healthcare Ministry Foundation.

From Mission Mbale Press Release

Mission Mbale, a 501c3 non-profit located in Newnan, was recently awarded a $10,000.00 (ten thousand dollar) grant by the Georgia Baptist Healthcare Ministry Foundation on February 17, 2022.

Board Member, Renee Wright accepted the grant on behalf of Mission Mbale. This grant was awarded to further develop the two medical clinics which Mission Mbale’s partnership with Ebenezer Christian Ministries based in Mbale, Uganda helps to support. The first clinic is located on the church property in the heart of the Namatala Slum and has made a tremendous impact on the community as evidenced by overall improved community health.  A goal of the clinic is to also establish a community health program for preventative and curative health care services. This will also provide a fertile moment for sharing the gospel to those who come for health services. 

The second clinic is approximately 8 kilometers away in a neighboring village called Namabasa. The clinic is located on the campus of Ebenezer Christian School which is situated in a predominately Muslim village. Both the clinic and the school have become beacons of hope to the people of Namabasa and the village has both welcomed and embraced the love of Christ which is constantly flowing from the lives of those who work and study on the campus.  In addition to helping to meet many needs within the community, daily first aid and wellness care is provided for the 250 students at the school and the teachers. There is also a sick bay care unit on site for critical needs.

The vision for Mission Mbale, Inc. was birthed in July 2013 when local residents, Warren and Mary Faye Moore traveled to Uganda to visit their youngest daughter who had committed to serving for a year teaching in a school in Mityana, Uganda operated by a ministry based in Griffin, GA. While in Uganda, they traveled to a slum village to help a local church group, Ebenezer Baptist Church, in their daily feeding of over 200 children, many of whom were orphans or abandoned. It was during this 3 ½ hour ministry opportunity that God began to plant a call deep in their hearts which would ultimately result in the formation of Mission Mbale, Inc. in February 2016. Mission Mbale has been actively involved in a continuous partnership with Ebenezer Baptist Church/Ebenezer Christian Ministries/Ebenezer Christian School since 2013 and have been actively on the ground since March 2015. 

It is our awesome privilege to work among some of the most beautiful people in all the world, the residents of the Doko Cell in the Namatala Slum on the outskirts of Mbale, Uganda, Africa.  Within a one-half mile radius of the ministry site, Ebenezer Baptist Church, there are over 32,000 residents, many of whom are refugees from other parts of Uganda who were displaced by war, natural disasters, famine, etc.  Of those residents, over half of that number are children under the age of 15. Of those 16,000+ children, approximately 8,000 are either full, or half, orphans. With an unemployment rate of around 70% in the village, a Ugandan newspaper once labeled the slum as a “cesspool of humanity” Although the village is literally a culture characterized by children raising children, they are a people full of joy and laughter.  We have learned so much from them on what it means to, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not upon your own understanding.” 

The early days of our ministry in the slum were not easy because Mzungu’s (white people) were not welcomed. It took multiple visits from our mission teams, and a continual outpouring of God’s grace and provision, before we began to see the residents of the village start to embrace what God was doing through our presence there. As the residents of the village began to warm up to our presence among them, the local government officials who were also seeing the transformation that was taking place in the village began working very closely with us in our partnership with Ebenezer Baptist Church.  Through the unique partnerships that have since developed, many accomplishments have been realized. These include providing clean drinking water, daily feeding programs and food distribution, medical clinics, HIV and maternal support, and a child sponsorship program that provides basic life needs and a quality education to over 200 children. 

Our mission statement is simply this:  Mission Mbale exists to share the hope that is found in Jesus Christ with the children and families who live in the Namatala Slum in Mbale, Uganda.  We do this while helping to meet their “life “needs of food, housing, pure water, medical care, education, etc. 

Mission Mbale leads short term mission trips semi-annually to evangelize and disciple among the villages.  A team of nine from Mission Mbale will be on the ground in Uganda from March 29 to April 9 to once again share the love of God to the people there. Please follow their journey via social media via their Facebook Page or through our website: missionmbale.org.

More information about the ministry and how you can become involved can be found on our website or by calling Warren Moore at 770-313-5394. 

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