Monarch House Assisted Living: Where Life is Celebrated Every Day!


Assisted Living at Monarch House means our residents get all the support and help they need to enjoy life on their terms.

Like to play poker? Add to that concerts, plays, zumba class, balloon volleyball, shopping and yes, the occasional bingo! Our residents are on the go and living life to its fullest. Life is best lived with friends! Come and find out how good life can be at Monarch House Assisted Living.

The upcoming free events scheduled for July include Ice Cream Cone Fridays, a Dealing With Dementia workshop, Beer and Wind Down and a National Ice Cream Day celebration.

Great memories can still happen today. Schedule an appointment or just drop by and start living life.

Monarch House is located at 299 Bullsboro Drive, adjacent to Ashley Park. For more information, call 678-552-9867 or visit their website: or Facebook page:

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