Senior Living Advice: August is Baby Boomers’ Make a Difference Month


By Beth Dow, Solutions by Beth

Baby Boomers (born 1954 to 1964) are the largest generation, but don’t get too comfortable. Millennials (born 1981 to 1996) are expected to take over that spot in 2019!

Millennials already make up the largest workforce, but don’t think Boomers will go quietly!

August is Boomers Make a Difference Month. How can you make a 
difference? Need some suggestions?

Make a difference in your health

A doctor once told me that prior to age 65 your health is based on genes, but after age 65, it is lifestyle. So how you live as you age is up to you.

Exercise your body, exercise your mind, watch your numbers (weight, blood pressure, cholesterol), manage your stress and be with people. Some of these are harder to achieve than others. Pick just one to start and make sure you set a realistic goal. Losing 25 pounds and running 3 miles a day your first month is not realistic. But not eating bread and walking 20 minutes a day may be very doable for you.

Look for ways to be around people. Go to a park and watch children play. Get back in church. Meet people as you walk around a track. And no, you are not too young for the senior center. And what if you are? How often do you get to be the youngest in a group these days? Fight isolation. Isolation is one of the most damaging effects on your health.

Make a difference in your family
That millennial group that is nipping at your heels are the younger movers and shakers of the work force. They are working tons of hours, are financially extended, time starved and sleep deprived. They are also more than likely the parents to your grandchildren. And they could use a hand. They may not ask for help. They may not even recognize that they need help. But chances are, an extra hand with the kids would mean the world to them. And I am of the belief that there is no better gift to a child than a grandparent. Who else in this world is going to give a child 100 percent of their attention and make them feel as if the world revolves around them? Only a grandparent.

Do you need more encouragement? Studies have shown that the more time grandparents spend with grandchildren, the lower their risk for 
Alzheimer’s. Now that is a win!

Make a difference in your community
School is starting back up and schools need you! Volunteer to read to a child or help a child with their school work. Coach a recreational soccer or football team. Volunteer at Habitat for Humanity, Meals on Wheels, The Boys and Girls Club or in your church. Spend your Sunday in the nursery or children’s church.

Aging doesn’t mean getting old. 
Aging doesn’t mean you can’t make a difference. We still have so much to give in a world where so much is needed. Choose to Make a Difference!