The Journey: ‘Stepping out of your comfort zone’


By Samantha Brazie, The Journey

Everyone has heard the ole “step out of your comfort zone” saying, right? As distressing as hearing that adage can be, it is what I have based most of the last fifteen years of my life on. I truly believe that the boundaries set before us are not permanent; walls can be taken down and obstacles destroyed.

Every person reading this can probably agree that they have felt incompetent or helpless at some point in their lives because they were so uncomfortable and afraid of failure. This can be true with our families, friends, and careers, just to name a few. One challenge I have learned to embrace is challenges within my career. I constantly push myself and accept and exceed challenges that are way outside of what I’m used to. Friends think I’m crazy and should learn to say no – and while that may be true – I accept them when I feel they are extremely challenging and/or I can be of unique value.

Since I am here mainly to discuss my personal weight and body image Journey with you, I wanted to share a couple of very challenging times that made a huge difference in my life. Over eight years ago, I contacted someone that owned an HVAC company and told him what I could do, then asked for an opportunity to speak with him. At the time, I was an extreme introvert and to make matters worse, my weight was at an all-time high. Greg gave me an interview and decided not only to hire me, but to create a position for me at the company I currently work for – Progressive Heating, Air and Plumbing. If I had stayed home and applied online for months (by the time I reached out, I’d already been applying for two months), I may never have known what an amazing life I could have had. I have an amazing company, stability, and wonderful friends.

A couple of years later, I decided to join a weight loss competition and through a mutual friend, discovered Moab Fighting Concepts with Tim and Christy Stout. With their help and my dedication – not only was I able to win the contest, but doing something so ‘out of my comfort zone’ helped to build my self esteem up and made me feel like I could do anything I put my mind to.

If you’ve read my previous columns, you know I’ve been through so many ups and downs it’s not even funny. Right now I’m in a holding pattern, but haven’t given up. I have just recently joined a ‘Fall Back to Fitness’ challenge at my current gym – CrossFit Shakerag. Up until this month I have done personal training there but not an actual CrossFit class. To be honest, it scared the living crap out of me and I wasn’t sure if I could do it. That (along with a heck of a lot of peer pressure) made me realize that was exactly why I should join the challenge. So here I am, again doing something I’m completely uncomfortable with to attempt to make a difference. I will update you all on that progress next month.

At the end of the day, don’t sit around and wait for life to happen; make life happen! One of my favorite quotes from one of the most insightful people ever, Dr. Seuss, says it best: “You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And you are the one who’ll decide where to go.”

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