The Shopper moving to Downtown Newnan


15 Perry Street

From Staff Reports
So … we are moving offices.
After a lengthy stay at the corner of Pine Road and Hwy. 29 South, Winters Media & Publishing, Inc. is very happy to announce our decision to move to 15 Perry Street in Downtown Newnan. Our office will continue to have the same phone number – 770-254-1421 – and email addresses. We are moving forward and expanding.
If you aren’t familiar with the cooperative business plan of 15 Perry Street, below is an excerpt from Corby’s Trends article about it this month.
Workspaces that change the way we do business this side of the perimeter
Are you one of those who is tired of working at home or all alone?  Do you seek a space to meet potential business clients?   Do you need a professional place for business meetings and to lead seminars?  Then 15 Perry Street in Downtown Newnan has just what you need.  John Shaak has created a different kind of workspace, one that has been trending in big cities for years. 15 Perry Street is state-of-the-art from the Internet to office equipment and focuses on building businesses, relationships and community. Shaak is an entrepreneur and has a passion, as seen at his building, to help others succeed personally and professionally.
This creative space brings businessmen and women together from diverse backgrounds and life experiences and gives them an opportunity to meet in this unique work event. Shaak said that “15 Perry Street is a place where those with dissimilarities experience a collision of opportunity.”  Although, 15 Perry Street is currently at full capacity, expansion ideas are always in the works. But not to worry. People can still pay what is called a “drop in fee” to use open office space, internet services and other amenities. There are three conferences rooms and one training room. I have a whole new appreciation for this co-working trend and I think this trend is here to stay.