The Staging Life: Five home staging ideas under $50


By Nan Johnston, Southern Staging
It goes without saying that once you decide to sell your home, work needs to begin.  Most sellers worry about the junky garage and overflowing closets and that’s not a bad way to start, however, there are a few investments one can make to help update a house that don’t have to break the bank.
1. Replace personal photos with Art.  The canvas wrapped photos of the kiddos is not Art to anyone else but you and they need to come down and be “pre-packed”.  Ross, T. J. Maxx, Tuesday Morning are just a few discount stores to find large pieces of art under $50.
2. Company Towels. Remember when Mom used to say “don’t use those towels, those are for company!”?  Invest in some nice fluffy towels to fold and stack on the side of the tub, or top of the vanity, and to layer over the towel racks & rings.  No one wants to see tired stringy bath linens hanging around when they are looking at houses to purchase.  Thing model home ready!
3. New Bed Linens. Let’s face it, kids bed linens get washed A LOT!  They spill things and have accidents and teenagers…well they just “smell”.  Girls and boys alike, if they are active, they have a less than pleasant odor.  Updating bed linens is a quick and easy way to replace tired worn out comforters and remove any odors your precious ones may create.

4. Invest in a new Welcome mat for the front door.  A tired worn out mat is not a good way to welcome your new buyer into the house.  My advice is to avoid the seasonal décor mats and go simple on this purchase.  You are probably going to move off and forget it, anyway so don’t put a HUGE investment in this purchase. Just make it new and fresh.
5. Don’t forget the mailbox.  A can of paint and some new flowers around the mailbox can go a long way in planting a good seed (no pun intended) in a buyers mind. It will make the statement that this is a special place and they will be excited to pull into the driveway if the first thing they see when they pull up is fresh and beautiful.
For more information about small investments you can make when staging your house to sell or staging to live, feel free to contact Nan Johnston at [email protected]. Nan is a professional home staging consultant from Newnan with over 30 years experience in the real estate industry. Check out her website for some interesting before and after photos at