Chapman Family Cancer Wellness Center provides Healing, Support


From Piedmont Newnan Hospital

The Thomas F. Chapman Family Cancer Wellness Center, located on the third floor of Piedmont Medical Plaza 1, provides complimentary classes and services to anyone who has ever been diagnosed with cancer at any point in their journey. 

The program focuses on Five Pillars of Wellness – Exercise, Nutrition, Creativity, Education, and Relaxation.

Exercise is key to regaining strength after cancer. “We offer a variety of exercise classes that can be modified to a person’s unique abilities,” said Jennifer Palmer, Program Coordinator. “In-person classes include Balance & Flex, Chair Yoga, Exercise Is Medicine, Exercising to the Oldies, and Gentle Pilates. We also offer Gentle Yoga via ZOOM two evenings per week.”

Nutrition is the focus of the center’s two monthly cooking classes. Chef Nancy Waldeck hosts Taste & Savor, which focuses on easy, healthy and delicious meals that can be duplicated at home. Chef Michael Laidlaw shares plant-based recipes and illustrates how nutritious a vegan menu can be. 

Nutrition is also the focus of the center’s in-house dietitian, Andrea Swartz. Swartz meets privately with cancer patients by appointment to discuss their changing dietary needs during their cancer journey.

Creativity is great medicine for the anxiety that often plagues those battling cancer. The center currently offers Art & Soul, a weekly painting class; Bumble Beads, a jewelry-making class; and Let’s Create Together, a crafting class. Everything’s Gone to Pot, a creative planting class, as well as One Hour Drummer, an African drumming class held during the lunch hour, are great opportunities to focus on interesting new hobbies.

Education is provided through a Let’s Talk series, led by Margarette Coleman, and the Oncology Support Group led by Oncology Social Worker, Shannon Wooten. Both classes give people a chance to discuss various topics in a group setting and form new networks of support.

Relaxation is the goal of the center’s two most popular services – Massage and Reflexology. Offered as thirty-minute appointments, both services are great ways to reduce anxiety and depression.

“The ultimate goal of our program is to offer a safe space for cancer survivors, and those still in treatment, to heal mentally and emotionally,” said Palmer. “The friendships made here are an important part of the journey to wellness, and we encourage the social connections that easily form here.”

The Thomas F. Chapman Family Cancer Wellness program is funded by individual donations, as well as proceeds from our annual Piedmont Newnan Soiree. In 2022, the second annual Soiree raised over $160,000 for our program and other oncology services.

The Piedmont Newnan Thomas F. Chapman Family Cancer Wellness program currently offers eighteen classes and services.

“One of our biggest challenges is spreading the word about our amazing space and all the programs we offer here,” said Palmer. “If you or someone you know has ever been diagnosed with cancer, please let them know about us.”

Piedmont Newnan’s Thomas F. Chapman Family Cancer Wellness Program celebrated National Cancer Survivor Day this year with a globally-themed open house. On Wednesday, June 7, approximately fifty cancer survivors attended the event which included demonstrations, wellness services and food from around the world.

“This inaugural celebration was a huge success, and we are already looking forward to making it even bigger and better next year!” said Palmer.

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