City of Newnan statement on inconsistent GFL services


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The City of Newnan issued a statement earlier today regarding service issues with its residential sanitation and recycling contractor – GFL.

Statement from City Manager Cleatus Phillips:

“We are aware that residents of the City of Newnan have been experiencing inconsistent sanitation services from GFL, the City’s residential refuse and recycling contractor.  Most recently, the service delays have been significant and widespread.   We learned on Monday, July 11th, that GFL has been experiencing mechanical breakdowns within their truck fleet.  At one point a total of 15 trucks, representing 50% of their fleet within this service area, were out of service.  GFL was not able to give the City an estimated time as to when our residents would receive service.  GFL stated that mechanics are in route from other regions of the company’s service territory.

GFL has been made aware of their contractual obligations and the City has asked them to commit the necessary resources to service our residents immediately.  We are closely monitoring the streets to see if the required resources are allocated.   If GFL does not respond accordingly, the City is preparing to provide short-term solutions with internal resources.

We apologize to our citizens for the inconveniences that have been created by the service interruptions.  Please be assured that we hear your concerns and are working diligently towards a solution.”

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    Trash has not been picked up since May. This is inexcusable.

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