Coweta County 4-H to represent Georgia in pair of National Competitions

Pictured above are the two 4-H Teams heading to Nationals – (left to right) Josiah Benjamin, Josie Roberson, Ariella Cadman, Gillian Ramponi of the Dairy Quiz Bowl squad; and Amanda Chrzanowski, Sylvia O’Neil, Avery Pruett, Gabby Luna of the Horse Judging Bowl team.

By BILL HAMMOND, Coweta County 4-H Extension Agent

Coweta County 4-H is more than just another club; it’s a pathway to excellence and valuable life skills. Youth in 4-H can compete in many areas and we celebrate their achievements.

In fact, two teams of talented young individuals from Coweta County 4-H are set to represent Georgia and showcase their knowledge and passion for animal science at National 4-H Competitions.

Coweta County’s State winning Dairy Quiz Bowl Team will compete at the 4-H National Dairy Quiz Bowl competition in Lexington, Ky. The team, comprised of Josiah Benjamin, Aurora Cadman, Gillian Ramponi, and Josie Roberson, under the guidance of their dedicated coach Pam Brinton, will represent the state of Georgia in this exciting event.

Dairy Quiz Bowl is a fast-paced competition that utilizes buzzers as contestants accurately answer questions related to the dairy industry. The quiz bowl content covers all topics related to dairy production and dairy foods, as well as dairy industry statistics, breed information, and dairy organizations. Confidence, independence, and compassion are life skills that result from participating in 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl.

Additionally, the State-Winning Horse Judging team, comprised of Avery Pruett, Gabriela Luna, Sylvia O’Neal, and Amanda Chrzanowski, coached by Joanna Lanier, will represent Georgia at the Western Roundup 4-H National Horse Judging Contest in Denver, Colo.

Horse Judging calls for contestants to compare their opinion of a horse against the ideal, as specified by industry experts, in conformation and performance classes. Conformation classes analyze the anatomical build of a horse, and performance classes analyze the execution of riding patterns.

The equine industry holds a significant place in Georgia’s economy, leaving a remarkable $2.5 billion impact annually. The commitment of UGA Faculty and industry experts to these equine programs is invaluable. They contribute to the curriculum used to train Horse Judging and Hippology contestants, ensuring that the youth are well-prepared and connected with the practical applications of their acquired skills. Their expertise not only shapes competitions but also shapes future leaders in Georgia’s equine sector.

The experiences of these young 4-H members go beyond ribbons and trophies. Opportunities like these dairy and equine competitions empower these young participants, nurturing their decision-making abilities, critical thinking, and public speaking skills. As they gain a profound understanding of the dairy and equine industries, they are better prepared for future challenges and opportunities.

Georgia’s Department of Agriculture highlights the significance of animal agriculture, the largest sector of the state’s agriculture industry, contributing over $5.8 billion to Georgia’s economy. The commitment of University of Georgia Animal Science faculty and industry experts to the 4-H program is invaluable. They contribute to the curriculum used to train 4-H’ers, ensuring that the youth are well-informed and connected with the practical applications of the skills they acquire. The knowledge and expertise of these professionals empower young minds, laying the foundation for a future generation of leaders in the agriculture sector.

Georgia 4-H empowers youth to become true leaders by developing necessary life skills, positive relationships, and community awareness. As the largest youth leadership organization in the state, 4-H reaches more than 225,000 people annually through UGA Extension offices and 4-H facilities.

For more information about how to get involved with Dairy Quiz Bowl, Horse Judging, or any of the other youth development programs Georgia 4-H has to offer, contact your local University of Georgia County Extension Office at (770) 245-2620 or visit

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