Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This: The Cake House

Pictured above is Natalia Grogorovich and her family as they have opened a new business in downtown Newnan – The Cake House.

By KATIE ANDERSON, Out and About

This month, we welcome Natalia Grogorovich and her new family business, The Cake House, to Newnan. Natalia and her family are Ukrainian refugees, who fled the war and recently moved to Newnan – she and her younger son in September 2022, her older son in Spring 2023, and her husband this past  September. With the help of Welcome.US, and her sponsors Alex and Christy Kuriatnyk, the family was able to come to the safety of the U.S. A year later, they are opening a bakery.

On September 28, the family hosted a tasting for the community, and plans to open soon. The Cake House is located at 18 Jackson Street, Suite A., in downtown Newnan.

Natalia was gracious enough to answer some questions for us via an email translator:

KA: Congratulations! When will you open for business and what will you offer?

NG: I can’t say the exact opening date. We’re in the process. Perhaps on the day the newspaper is published, we will already be open. Our bakery will have many different desserts, traditional and European. There is no dessert that I cannot make. (Editor’s Note: The Cake House is now open).

KA: Why open a bakery in Newnan? 

NG: This is [thanks to] the people dearest to me, Christy Kuriatnyk and Alex Kuriatnyk. And another lovely woman, Kathy Hoffman, who once had her own bakery. They helped make my dream come true and brought me back to life.

KA: What inspired you to become a baker? 

NG: Inspiration for dessert decor is all around us. In every detail. But the recipe is completely different. I don’t like desserts with a lot of sugar. Because it kills all the taste and you don’t taste the dessert. And you just eat sugar. In my desserts, I reduce the amount of sugar or replace it with high-quality chocolate. And yet, the key to a delicious dessert is high-quality products.

KA: What makes a bakery successful? 

NG: In Ukraine we had a bakery. But due to the situation in the country, we closed everything. We had no choice. A successful pastry chef is a titanic work. You are a buyer of goods, a manager, a dishwasher and a cleaner… Sometimes you don’t have time for your family. This profession is not for everyone. It’s hard work and you have to love it. I like to do it. To be successful, you need to not be afraid of work and always develop.

KA: What is your favorite dessert? 

NG: I have many favorite desserts. I love light mousse cakes and macarons. I really love the combination of sweet and sour. For example, milk chocolate with mango and passion fruit, Chocolate-raspberry – there are actually a lot of them.

For American desserts, ice cream is very tasty…as for Brownies, I can’t say that I tried it here. Brownies are known all over the world. And I baked it when I lived in Ukraine. And yes I love them.

KA: How do you like living in Newnan?

NG: Newnan is very nice and calm. After the war, I needed just such a city. Newnan showed me a different side of America. And everything I heard before coming here. It changed my mind. Very kind and good people live here. And in general, this country helps everyone who needs help. I am very glad to all my customers and all the guests of our bakery. And if you want to eat a delicious and high-quality dessert, come to us. We are very glad to see you.

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