Coweta County Officials Issue Statement of Solidarity for Atlanta Police Department


State Representatives Philip Singleton (R-Sharpsburg), Josh Bonner (R-Fayetteville) and State Senator Matt Brass (R-Newnan) today issued the following statement of solidarity for the Atlanta Police Department (APD) and to encourage APD officers to join law enforcement agencies in Coweta County:

“To our brothers and sisters in the Atlanta PD:

“First and foremost, we stand with you in solidarity as we mourn the needless loss of life we have seen both recently and in our nation’s history. We, like you, believe all life is equal and precious, and that is why we strive so ardently to protect and defend our community in every action we take.

“Coweta County is an amazing place to live and work. We have a long history and shared culture of acceptance and inclusion. Our community stands united when times get tough, and we believe that together we can get through the toughest of times.

“Most importantly, we support our emergency first responders, just like they support us, as we proved firsthand during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our community rallied behind our law enforcement officers and emergency services to provide them with the personal protective equipment they would need to protect themselves, while they went the extra mile to be engaged and visible as they did everything ever asked to assist anyone in the community to navigate the uncertain times.

“We know that this is a difficult time for you to continue to do what you do. We say simply this: our leaders and our community care about you. We value you and the good you bring to the community, and we honor your sacrifices. If you are feeling led to leave the service, we ask that you first consider joining us here in Coweta County. We have open positions and would be honored to have you.

“God Bless and Stay Safe.”

Representative Philip Singleton represents the citizens of District 71, which includes portions of Fayette and Coweta counties. 

 Representative Josh Bonner represents the citizens of District 72, which includes portions of Coweta and Fayette counties. 

Senator Matt Brass represents the citizens of District 28, which includes Coweta, and portions of several adjoining counties. 


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