Coweta County School Board maintains millage rate for Fiscal 2018


From Coweta County Schools Press Release
The Coweta County Board of Education voted to maintain school system property tax rates at 18.59 mills for the 2018 Fiscal Year, during a called meeting on Monday, August 21.
The Board voted 6-0 in favor of keeping the school system’s maintenance and operation tax rate at the same level. The Board also set property tax rates for bonded indebtedness at 0.0 mills.
The Board of Education has maintained the millage rate at that level since first setting it in 2004.

By maintaining the rate at 18.59 mills, school property tax collections are projected to increase by 3.43 percent due to reassessments.  To maintain the millage rate at 18.59 mills, the board held three public hearings, on August 14 and earlier on August 21, before Monday’s called meeting.
A copy of the Coweta County School System’s 2017 tax digest and five-year history of levy is pictured above.