Prepare for a Family Day at the Kiwanis Coweta County Fair


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County fairs, state fairs and country fairs dot the landscape in late spring, summer and fall, offering fairgoers plenty of attractions and rides to fill warm days and evenings. And it’s no exception here locally as the 2022 Kiwanis Coweta County Fair is set for its 11-day run from Sept. 15-25.

Families who plan ahead for the festivities may be able to improve their experiences.

• Purchase passes in advance. Some fairs enable visitors to purchase entry tickets, parking passes and even game vouchers online. There are advantages to doing so, such as bundling discounts. Buying tickets in advance also cuts down on time spent waiting in line.

The Kiwanis Coweta County Fair offers its Mega Pass Arm Bands with advance purchases prior to the start of the fair that saves customers $5. Online sales are now underway and folks can purchase theirs by clicking HERE. In-person sales are also underway at Arnall Grocery Company, the UGA Coweta County Extension Office, Southtowne Motors and Keith A. Ross Insurance Agency. Advance sales end Sept. 14.

• Devise a basic plan. Look over the list of attractions and activities to gauge what you want to get out of the fair. Some fairs post their calendars online. With kids in tow, you’ll likely want to check out any children’s rides or animal exhibits and interactions. Create a generalized plan, but be flexible, especially when going with other families.

• Think about safety. Fairs attract thousands of people and that can lead to confusion if children become separated from their parents. Write your mobile phone number down and put it in your child’s pocket or bag, so he or she doesn’t have to memorize it. Consider finding the tallest attraction at the fair (perhaps the ferris wheel), and make that the meeting point if anyone becomes lost. Snap a photo of youngsters when you arrive so that you’ll have a recent image and know exactly what they are wearing if you need to engage law enforcement. Some parents tell their children to find another parent and ask them to help them contact security.

• Time your visit. If the fair runs during the week and into the weekend, weekdays are likely to be much less crowded. Also, while not ideal, a cool day or one with a slight drizzle will cut down on crowds and improve the ability to see more things and get on more rides. The Kiwanis Coweta County Fair is open 5 to 11 p.m. Monday through Thursday; 5 p.m. to midnight on Fridays; noon to midnight on Saturdays; and 2 to 10 p.m. on Sundays.

• Factor in food. Fair food is an indulgence to enjoy when fairs come around. Rather than go overboard, pick one meal or item that the family will enjoy. Bring a backpack, if permitted, and fill it with bottled water and other light snacks so that you can tame hunger pangs and not bust the budget at the food court.

• Understand game odds. Fair games are largely designed to earn the event money and not to cash out prizes to all participants. The chances of winning the grand prize, which may be a giant stuffed giraffe, usually are low, so it’s best if children do not become overly concerned with winning a prize. Play the games for fun and memories and not to walk away with the biggest prizes.

In addition to these suggestions, parents can make sure they bring insect repellent and sunscreen to the fair. Dress for comfort and not fashion.

Following these strategies above can help families make the most of the 2022 Kiwanis Coweta County Fair this year.

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