Coweta County Schools choose 2018 Teachers of the Year


From Coweta County Schools Press Release
The 2018 Teachers of the Year for each of Coweta County’s 31 public schools have been chosen by their fellow teachers.
Teachers of the Year are selected by certified teachers at each school in recognition of exemplary teaching, and serve as ambassadors of their profession.  This year’s honorees represent grade levels from Kindergarten through 12th grade, and a range of educational disciplines including elementary grade instruction, math, physical education, sciences, band, special education, language arts and media specialists.
They will be honored at the Coweta County Teacher of the Year Program, held May 2 at the Centre for Performing and Visual Arts. Three finalists for the Coweta County School System’s 2018 Teacher of the Year will be chosen from among this year’s honorees with the winner announced during the program, which is presented annually by the Coweta County Board of Education and the Newnan Pilot Club.
The 2018 Teachers of the Year from each school are:

From elementary schools: Cristy Fogle, 5th Grade (Arbor Springs), Kelly Stephens, 1st grade (Arnco-Sargent), Christy Jennings, Music (Atkinson), Kati Ferrell, EIP (Brooks), Ruthie Prost, Kindergarten (Canongate), Debra Jordan, 3rd Grade Math (Eastside), Josh Tate, Music (Elm Street), Deanna Betsill, 1st Grade (Glanton), Daria Lewis, 2nd Grade (Jefferson Parkway), Kim Robertson, 4th Grade (Moreland), Amy Palma, 4th Grade (Newnan Crossing), Wendi Oldham, 2nd Grade (Northside), Mignon Perry, 3rd Grade (Poplar Road), Molly Breyne, 4th Grade (Ruth Hill), Shavonnda Teagle, 3rd Grade (Thomas Crossroads), Lori Beuttenmuller, English as a Second Language (Welch), Kelly Brown, 5th Grade Math (Western), Sheila Bealing, 2nd Grade (White Oak), SteveAnna Williams, Kindergarten (Willis Road).
From middle schools: Polly Craft, 7th Grade English/Language Arts (Arnall Middle), Barry Williams, 8th Grade Social Studies (East Coweta Middle), Emily Marziliano, Special Education Math (Evans Middle), Kristin Davis, 8th Grade Math (Lee Middle), Angela Rembert, 7th Grade English/Language Arts (Madras Middle), Carrie May, 8th Grade English/Language Arts (Smokey Road Middle), Gordon Callaway, Middle School Literature (Maggie Brown Middle Alternative).
From high schools: Cathrine Nolan, Science & Agriculture (the Central Educational Center), Dekima Leaphart, Science (East Coweta High), Katie Hammond, US History (Newnan High), Jody Haynes, Math (Northgate High), Lisa Ottavio, Math (Winston Dowdell Academy).
The Teachers of the Year are selected by their peers for the quality of their teaching, professional development, teaching philosophies and methods, contributions to education, and their ability to inspire students of all backgrounds and abilities to learn.
Northgate High School AP and American Literature teacher Susan Barber was chosen as the 2017 Coweta County School System Teacher of the Year. Barber was chosen as Coweta’s top teacher from among three finalists which included Anne Graner, a Media Specialist at Ruth Hill Elementary School, and Mindy Baker, a 6th Grade Mathematics Teacher at East Coweta Middle School. Barber is currently Coweta County’s nominee for 2018 Georgia Teacher of the Year.
Photo Cutline:  Above is Coweta County 2017 Teacher of the Year Susan Barber, of Northgate High School, and 2016 TOTY Shannon Ewing, of Elm Street Elementary School.