Coweta Schools’ ACT results outperforms national averages


From Coweta County School System Press Release

Results from the 2018 ACT College Entrance Exam released this week showed that Coweta County School System students overall outscored national averages and matched the state of Georgia’s average score.

The school system’s average composite ACT score was 21.4 in 2018, compared to a Georgia composite score of 21.4 and a national composite score of 20.8. That was down slightly from Coweta’s average Composite ACT score of 21.7 last year.

Locally, Northgate High School scored best with a composite of 22.3, edging East Coweta at 21.3 and Newnan High at 20.6.
The ACT is a national college admissions examination that measures what students learn in high school to determine their academic readiness for college. The ACT composite is the exam’s overall (composite) score, which combines the ACT’s four subject tests (English, Mathematics, Reading and Science). ACT results are accepted by all four-year colleges and universities in the U.S.

Georgia ranked 24th in the nation with this year’s overall state score, The Coweta County School System’s average ACT score placed the district overall in the top 15 percent of Georgia school districts’ overall performance on the exam.

The ACT results released this week were for test-takers who graduated in 2018. 888 Coweta County’s students – about 55% of Coweta’s 2018 graduating class – took the exam.

Coweta County Schools, overall, outscored the national ACT Composite score, as well as the national averages for the exam’s English, Reading and Science sections (tying the score on ACT Math). 2018 was the fifth year that the system’s average ACT score topped the national average.

Georgia’s average composite score of 21.4 was higher, for the third consecutive year and the third time in state history, than the national average. Georgia also outperformed the nation in English, Reading, Science, and Mathematics.

2018 ACT test results for the Coweta County School System’s three high schools, system, state and nation, by composite score and subject test, are in the chart below: