Coweta County Schools SAT Scores rise, top state and national averages


From Coweta County Schools Press Release

The Coweta County School System’s average score on the SAT was 1082 among 2018 graduates, placing the system 33 points above the national average and 28 points above the state average on the college entrance exam.

2018 was the second year of reporting for the newly-reformatted SAT.  The reporting shows test results for 2018 graduates on the SAT’s Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing test sections, and is scaled between 400 and 1600 points.

Coweta County’s overall performance on the SAT rose 3 points in 2018, placing the school system 21st out of 175 Georgia school districts reporting on the SAT, or in the top 12 percent of the state.  It was the fourth year in a row that the Coweta County School System scored higher than both national and state averages.

2018 is the first year that the state of Georgia’s average SAT score has risen above the national average. Georgia public school students scored 1054 on average, 5 points above public school students nationally.

Those results make the Coweta County School System one of the higher-ranked school systems in a state with a SAT mean score above the national average.

The mean scores above present data for students in the graduating class of 2018 who took the new SAT during high school. Within each assessment, test-takers are counted only once and only their latest scores are included. School systems or schools with 15 or fewer test-takers were not reported by the Georgia Department of Education.

Coweta County’s average score rose slightly in both the Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing tests sections on the exam.

Individually, East Coweta, Newnan and Northgate High Schools also ranked well. East Coweta High ranked 80 out of 394 Georgia high schools reported this year (top 21% of Georgia high schools), Newnan High ranked 152 (top 39%) and Northgate High ranked 63 (top 16%).

While individual school scores tend to rise and fall from year to year, because of smaller testing pools, East Coweta, Newnan and Northgate’s consistently high performance on the SAT tends to rank the Coweta County School System high among Georgia school systems.

“Our teachers are challenging our students and our students are accepting the challenge,” said Superintendent Steve Barker. “These results reflect their hard work and perseverance.”

“Our community can be proud of these results and can know that our students are leaving the school system better prepared for the challenges of higher education and beyond,” said Barker.  “It takes a strong community, dedicated families, committed employees and focused students to create a high-performing school system. I appreciate our community’s commitment to education.”

The Georgia Department of Education pointed out that Georgia students’ improvements on this year’s SAT took place even as more students took the SAT. 66 percent of Georgia’s public-school class of 2018 took the SAT during high school, compared to 61 percent of the class of 2017. 682 students in Coweta County’s 2018 graduating class took the SAT, or about 44% of the student body.