Coweta School Board approves 2022 Classified Employee Pay Raises


From Coweta County Schools System Press Release

At its meeting on December 14, the Coweta County Board of Education voted to raise salaries for system classified staff starting in January, 2022.

The Board’s 7-0 vote increases pay for nearly all non-certified staff members on the school system’s Classified Pay Scale, beginning in January.  The pay increases are for non-certified support personnel including, for example, system custodians, grounds and maintenance personnel, transportation personnel (drivers, monitors, mechanics and technicians), school food service personnel, clerical personnel,  school nurses, non-certified classroom personnel, substitute teachers, after-school program personnel, and other categories of system classified personnel.

The increases do not include some classified employees, notably technology service personnel and classified administrators.  In all, the pay raise will benefit over 1,300 non-certified employees in the school system. Superintendent Evan Horton notified employees in a letter on Wednesday, found here.

The move follows board approval in October to provide additional pay incentives for many of the same employees, based on attendance.

“I appreciate the board’s commitment to increasing pay for these classified employees at this time, so that our school system can remain competitive in acquiring and retaining these essential employees,” said Superintendent Horton.  

School system pay scales are based on job type and length of employment, and Tuesday’s board vote benefits eligible classified employees at all levels of experience.  For example, “A-1” employees, step 0 (starting employees in this category), will see a 25 percent pay increase; F-3 employees, step 9 (9 years of experience) will see a 19 percent pay increase; and L-3 employees, step 18, will see a 12 percent pay increase.  Percentages will vary depending on position and experience, but will be substantial for all affected, said Horton.

The change in pay scales will cost the system approximately $3,200,000 for the remainder of the current school year (FY 2022).  Funding for the increase will come from the general fund, which is currently $3,500,000 under budget for this fiscal year. 

“This increase is a significant action for our school system,” Horton told employees Wednesday.  “The board, and I, believe this change is important because of the value and commitment of our current classified employees, and because it makes our school system more competitive in attracting additional personnel to these critical positions in the years to come.”

For classified employees paid on the bi-weekly payroll, these increases will be reflected in their January 21, 2022 paychecks.  For classified employees that are paid monthly, these increases will be reflected in their January 31, 2022 paychecks. 

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