Five reasons to get an Air Fryer


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Air fryers have emerged as must-have items in recent years. Air fryers flew off the shelves during the 2020 holiday season, and that popularity hasn’t waned in the ensuing months.

Air fryers are touted as handy tools for a variety of reasons, including that they can cook foods quickly and with relatively little to no use of oil. Those who have yet to join the legions of air fryer fans may wonder if one is worthy of a spot in their kitchen, or if reviews of these appliances are just a bunch of hot air?

While there are scores of air fryers on the market offering various features, each utilizes a similar technology. Air fryers work by circulating very hot air around foods coated with just a small amount of oil (and some recipes add no oil at all) to crisp them. Air fryers can be used to prepare both fresh and frozen foods. Some also have features that go beyond air frying, serving as souped-up toaster ovens and broilers.

For those who still need more convincing, the following are five reasons why you may want to purchase an air fryer in the near future.

1. Affordability: Air fryers are very affordable, especially when considering their versatility. Many air fryers can be had for around $100 or less.

2. Create healthier foods: Since air fryers rely on little or no oil, fat content in the cooking process drops considerably. That makes air frying a heart-healthy option, particularly for people who appreciate fried foods but not all of the negatives associated with such dishes.

3. Cook foods faster: Air fryers reach high cooking temperatures in just minutes, compared to 10 to 15 minutes for traditional ovens. Air fryers can shave several minutes off of cooking times, which appeals to busy home cooks.

4. Good for tight kitchens: Those who have small kitchens may benefit from air fryers that boast combination cooking features. That means they can use one appliance for all of their meals, saving them from the nuisance of overcrowded counter space.

5. Great for small meals: Air fryers cannot cook large batches, which makes them ideal for singletons or empty nesters who do not want to make large quantities of food.

Air fryers can be a lifestyle choice and an investment in faster, healthier cooking. Cooks who are still on the fence can borrow a friend’s air fryer to see if it might be something worth adding to their own kitchens.

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