How to host and enjoy a graduation party


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Graduation is a momentous occasion for students that marks an end to many years of dedication to studies. Most people look back fondly on the day they received their degrees and diplomas. But often what is remembered most when a person graduates is the party that commemorated the event.

For parents planning graduation parties for their children, graduation season may be filled with nostalgia about their own childhoods and experiences. While parents can borrow from what they learned along the way, graduation parties for their kids should definitely focus on the here and now — and what is important to the new grad. In fact, the guest of honor should be tapped to help create the party of his or her desires.

Book early
Most schools host commencement ceremonies in May or June. With so many people planning parties around the same time, venues and vendors will be snatched up quickly. As soon as you learn the graduation date, reserve a party space and contact caterers, florists, entertainment, or other vendors who will be used for the event.

Host an open house party
An open house party enables guests to arrive and depart freely according to their schedules so graduates can hop from one party to the next. This occurs over a long period of time (four to five hours is a good window) and the party does not follow any strict schedule.

An open house party requires having food and beverages available at all times, so it’s important to have an array of options that can be served room temperature or kept safe over ice or heat. Chips and dips, sliced vegetables and small sandwiches are good options. Crocks and chafing dishes can be used to keep foods warm.

Prevent the temptation
Even if the party will feature a mix of students, friends and adult family, it may be safer to avoid serving alcohol. This way you do not run the risk of an underage guest sneaking an alcoholic beverage and leaving the party intoxicated. Remember, in some areas you can be legally prosecuted for permitting underage drinking to occur, so it’s best to do whatever it takes to prevent such a scenario.

Pick a theme
A theme can make a graduation party even more enjoyable. Tie the theme into the grad’s personality or future plans or go with a classic, such as a Hawaiian luau, which is fitting for outdoor events.

Hire a wait staff
One way to enjoy the graduation party is to free up time to mingle. Hiring a wait staff means drink and food service as well as clean-up can be handled by others.

Graduation parties soon will be in full swing. Parents can make their youngsters’ graduation bash more memorable by getting a head start and incorporating a few useful strategies.

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