Family Seeking Help For Special Needs Children


Please consider helping this family out with raising money toward a handicapped-accessible van for their two children.

They are more than halfway to the $60,000 needed. Here is the link to their GoFundMe page. And below is the father’s story:

“My name is Jason Tuttle. I am the proud father of two wonderful children with multiple special needs.

My family and I live day-to-day with challenges and obstacles most people take for granted.

To give you an understanding of our life, let me give some insight regarding their issues. Zachary (13) was born with a rare condition called Eagle -Barrette Syndrome (a.k.a. Prune Belly),  Severe Neurological Developmental Delays, Epilepsy/ Seizures, Nonverbal and uses a wheelchair.

Samantha (11) was born with Moderate to Severe Neurological Developmental Delays, Epilepsy/Seizures, Nonverbal and also uses a wheelchair.. She had surgery for Scoliosis about a year ago.  As you can imagine, our life gets very crazy with many doctor visits, school special education meetings and therapies.

I am writing to ask for assistance in providing a handicapped-accessible van for our children.  Anything labeled “special needs” or “adaptive” also comes with significant increase in cost because each child’s needs are different.  For example, a regular car seat costs about $100-300 whereas a car seat for special needs children starts around $1,000 and increases.  My wife and I both work an hourly job.  In a normal situation , we would be fine; but in this situation, we struggle. We make ends meet, but we now need items beyond our income/price range which insurance does not support.

Our biggest need is a car or van with a rear wheelchair lift that fits two wheelchairs.
If there is anyway any of you could help, we would greatly appreciate your assistance. The costs of these items far exceed our income.”

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