How to plan a perfect game night


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Shared experiences are ideal ways to make new friends or solidify established relationships. Bonds can be strengthened even further when those shared experiences include entertaining activities. This is a great reason for adults to incorporate routine game nights into their social calendars.

Game nights are nothing new. Perhaps your parents or grandparents gossiped over a few games of gin rummy or weekly poker gatherings? Before the widespread proliferation of digital video games, board games were a go-to way to have fun. Even now, game nights can provide the perfect way to slow down, have fun and get together with friends.

Hosting a game night can be an ideal way to have fun at home without turning on the television. The following are a few things to consider when planning a game night.

The number of people dictates which games can be played

How many people are invited to game night will determine the games that can be played. Game nights tend to be more successful with guests and between four and eight players. Keeping people engaged in a game can be more challenging if there are more than eight individuals, and most games are designed for a maximum of eight players.

Plan for finger foods
Game night etiquette typically dictates that hosts will provide refreshments. In lieu of a sit-down meal, offer finger foods, which are easier to manage while engaged in game play. Premade party platters are an option if you want to spend more time entertaining and less time preparing food. Guests also can be encouraged to bring small dishes, such as sandwiches, chips and dips or other snacks.

Have a variety of games on hand
Let the course of the night be relatively fluid, even if you have a certain game in mind. If guests are not fans of a particular game, make sure you have others at the ready. Music or a sports game playing in the background also can be a way to keep guests entertained between turns. When deciding on games, consider these criteria, courtesy of Game Night Gods, an online game night resource
• The game should be easy to learn.
• The game should be relatively fast-moving.
• The game should pique interest and be strategic.

Get out of your comfort zones
Acting zany and engaging in games that push people out of their comfort zones can help guests get to know one another and laugh along the way. Games also are a perfect way to learn something new with little to no pressure.

A game night can unite existing friends and help people interested in making new acquaintances find common ground. If in person game nights are not doable, gather virtually through video chat applications.

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