January Trends and Trendsetters: Coffee, Road Trips, What's Left Behind


By Corby Carlin Winters, The Shopper Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator
Each month the Trends and Trendsetters column covers some of the hot trends from health and wellness, fashion and style, business or even tapping into your creative side.
Coffee, conversation places and spaces
Coffee houses, diners and cafes have been trending for years all over the country and continue to thrive right here in our area.

In downtown Newnan, there is The Leaf and Bean and Christy’s Cafe and then over in Senoia is the Senoia Coffee and Cafe. Each are special and unique places with their own vibe.  To me they have that special similarity to the television shows “Friends” and “Cheers.”
If you enjoy people and conversation then you’re in luck because you can pop into any one of these places and catch up with old and new friends as well as enjoy great coffee. At Leaf and Bean you can choose different seating areas, from outdoors tables, indoor seating, to comfy sofas where you can chill out, chat or play board games. Senoia Coffee and Cafe has tall tables, while Christy’s moved to a larger location with an old Southern home feel where you can eat inside or out on the porch.
For some local coffee, Senoia Coffee and Cafe exclusively offers locally roasted Coffee by David. Savage Boys Coffee Roaster is also locally roasted right here in Newnan and can be found in several stores in Newnan including Corner Arts and Bloom Organics Market and Boutique in Peachtree City.  Bloom Organics is a great shop – everything it sells is locally made. Now I grew to love coffee when I married John Winters, but I grew up in a home of tea lovers and will share more about tea another time.
Take a road trip in a rental car
Many are opting to rent a car to take a vacation, whether it is to save their existing car from additional mileage, their car may be unreliable and older, or they need a larger vehicle to put the whole family into.
Mel Kendricks, director of marketing with ValueMax in Newnan, said many folks opted for the Titan truck during the bowl season for games like the Rose, Peach or Sugar. Or you can find a convertible or other zippy car to run into Atlanta with.
ValueMax has cars available for daily and weekly rentals and another perk is they do not charge for mileage. They also have great business hours to help accommodate our busy lives.
New, old and what is left behind
The New Year is a perfect time to let go of things you no longer need.  There are a couple of times each year when it really feels great to let go of your stuff.  Why clutter up your home with things that no longer serve you well and no longer bring you joy?
You can also sell treasures in the classified ad section of the The Shopper or you may simply want to donate them.
Think about donating to such places like: New Beginnings, One Roof Thrift Shop and Salvation Army, Goodwill, Bridging the Gap and in Peachtree City you can go to Clothes Less Traveled and Wellspring PTC Treasure.  If you are looking to make a little cash, you can take items to places like Newnan Plaza Shop and Pawn, or you can take your clothes to Second Glance in Sharpsburg.
Before you throw something out, ask yourself, would or could someone use this? If the answer is yes, then sell it or share it with someone who will be blessed by it.  And just because you do not not love something does not mean someone else may not.  An unloved purse can have a purpose on the shoulder of a woman as she starts a new career. And shoes may help someone step into their life purpose.
What we are wearing
Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant all wore scarves and looked fabulous in them.  Scarves are a timeless classic trend and more and more men are opting for this great look. In my opinion scarves will simply never be out.
It is not necessarily appropriate for a board meeting, but women of all ages are sure having a great time incorporating them into their wardrobe.  White is wonderful in winter as well.
Scarves may be worn by men of all ages but one must have the confidence to pull them off.  So if you want that stylish look but keep rethinking it, may I suggest you try it out. It just may be your new favorite timeless trend.
Best things to buy and save on in January
• Winter outerwear such as coats, gloves and hats
• Bedding and linens
• Furniture
• Holiday decorations
• Hold off on televisions and computers just a bit longer
Corby is known to many as a Power Shopper, the Little Black Dress and a fashionista. She’s crazy about shoes, clothes, accessories, and of course leopard prints. She loves writing, speaking, ministering, life coaching and being with friends, Winters and the SONs of Thunder.