April Trends and Trendsetters: Chic Industrial, Nails and the Gift of Domesticity


By Corby Carlin Winters, The Shopper Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator
Each month we cover some of the hot trends from health and wellness, fashion and style, business or even tapping into your creative side.
The industrial look is revolutionizing home decor. Everything from cast iron, metal piping, steel tables and raw unfinished wood are available right here in our local shops and are one-of-kind pieces. This chic look may not be for everyone, but it is becoming increasingly popular.
The Good Junk Company in Senoia has old metal cabinets, metal cubbies and even a coffee table made from a horse trough. My favorite piece in the store is a large 3 by 6 foot island made by BB and her husband.

Circa Antiques and Coffee House in Tyrone offers many wonderful items perfect for your home or office. As Lisa Lytle likes to say, they are “home ready.” She also has some industrial raw and old classic looking pieces of furniture.
Marilyn Bailey’s Juliana’s Furniture Galleries of Newnan carry many industrial light fixtures which are stunning and make a huge statement in your home. They even have Edison-style vintage light bulbs.
Lori Duncan over at Blue Fern Merchant has a super coffee table made out of this old railroad piece and is totally worth checking out in downtown Newnan.
The industrial look has a much more personal impact on my friend, Beth Hutchison Tripp. She has an incredible one-of-a-kind industrial piece with an awesome legacy. Beth’s parents, Jimmy and Jane Hutchinson, owned the unforgettable Hutchinson Hardware in Senoia for years. Beth loved this cool piece in the back of the store that held bolts and was painted green. So when Beth was 12 years old she asked her father if she could have it one day. Well, that day came. Beth had the green paint striped off. Each drawer is stamped with the size of the bolts and is imprinted on the drawers. Beth savors most that each time she opens the draws the smell transcends her back to treasured memories with her father.
So if you are up for something different, check out our friends above and make sure and tell them The Paper and The Shopper sent you.
I love beautiful long nails. I have since I was six years old. I also adore horses. Now, there is a connection there. I used to bite my nails but one day my dad said if I stopped biting my nails, he would buy me a horse. I stopped right then. He kept his word and not long afterward, I got my horse.
Nails make your hands look longer and more elegant. Now there are all kinds of nail options from articlic, gel, dip, silk and even just a nice manicure. There are nail salons all over our area where you can invest in having beautiful nails. I do love those quick glue ones if I have an event coming up and need fabulous nails in a hurry.
As far as color, I am not personally fond of black, bright blue or green. I certainly would not suggest them for a serious interview either. Just because something is “in” doesn’t make it right for everyone. I love a classic, sophisticated french manicure.
The other day I met some precious young ladies from College Park and these young ladies were rocking great nails. I was lucky their daddy let me take a pic of their nails. And I got these teens’ opinions about nail color and the type of nails to try. They agreed with me that black was a no for me. Of course I knew that but it was fun to hear them agree.
For centuries people have hired others to help them take care of their homes. These people have held many different titles; some with great respect and others no so much. The names range from servants, maids, help, housekeepers and more. How these individuals have been treated and cared for has not always been with kind and high regard.
The definition of the word domestic is “someone who does menial tasks around our home.” Wow! Are you kidding me? … menial … really? That so upsets me and I also believe it is highly demeaning and insulting to those who help us hold our households and lives together.
I know what I do well and I also know what I do not. I can rip out a fireplace and rebuild it. I can paint shutters on a ladder 24 feet high. I can lay flooring, counsel women, help others grow their business and set goals for their lives and help them fulfill their dreams.
But I cannot sort socks to save my life and John Winters has often found me buried under a mound of laundry. So because he loves me so much and loves a organized home one year he paid this dear woman to come and help me clean. He also got me gift certificates at Christmas for a home organizer. This was a precious gift from a loving husband to help out an overwhelmed wife.
I am blessed to have Rosa and Allan in my life who have helped me keep my home and yard in order. And their gifts is just that, a precious gift to me and also to Winters. And their gift is anything but menial to me.
These precious people have the gift of keeping your life in tip top order so you can focus on your gifts. House cleaning just isn’t my gift. I wish I was a better housekeeper, but I’m just not. I am not proud of it and I share this hoping that others with the same problems will realize they are not alone. Never be afraid to ask for help in whatever area you need.
Corby is known to many as a Power Shopper, the Little Black Dress and a fashionista. She’s crazy about shoes, clothes, accessories, and of course leopard prints. She loves writing, speaking, ministering, life coaching and being with friends, Winters and the SONs of Thunder.