Letter to the Editor: Please support your Public Safety Men and Women


It is with a prayerful heart that I ask you to help us in our endeavor to support those men and women who so faithfully serve us in all areas of public safety.

Times are really hard right now.   Their lives are more stressful than ever, and they very often risk their lives for our safety.   I am grateful to those individuals and organizations who find it in their hearts to acknowledge in so many ways the efforts made by our public safety personnel.   We can never thank them enough.

The Newnan Coweta Public Safety Foundation was established 8 years ago to provide help for those Public Safety employees who find themselves in financial and medical emergencies;  and to supply equipment for their protection as well as the protection of the Coweta County citizens which is not covered in their budgets.   The Foundation is so grateful to our donors for enabling us to do as much as possible to help them and their families during these treacherous times.  The Foundation has no fundraiser, no paid employees.  A Board of Directors, an attorney and accountant are all volunteers.  Every dime given to the Foundation is tax deductible and goes directly to aid a public safety employee or equipment needed.

Last year, we were unable to hold the Appreciation Luncheon because of the pandemic.  This broke our hearts.  However, we purchased needed equipment such as Swift Shields protection for Court Room officers; Ballistic Helmets for the Coweta Swat Team; purchased Narcan for overdosed drug victims, Bolowraps which enable officers to halt suspects safely without the use of weapons or tasers, armor plate protective gear for officers, paid mortgages, insurance coverage which was denied, utilities, etc. for officers and firefighters who suffered illnesses themselves or in their families, gave four $2000 scholarships to children of public safety (these were all who applied)—just a few of the provisions made by the Foundation.  Every dime received is used to aid public safety employees.

Please help us continue this wonderful way of showing appreciation to those who very often risk their lives and so unselfishly serve us.  Any amount is greatly appreciated by these dedicated people.   Checks can be sent to NCPS Foundation, P. O. Box 1113, Newnan, Ga. 30264.   You will never know how grateful our public safety employees will be.   I pray God will bless you, bless our county, and bless America.

Norma Haynes, Newnan

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