Public Safety Committee Gets Demonstration Of New Police Restraint System


(Please see photos and video link at the bottom of this story)

The Newnan Police Department demonstrated a new non-lethal restraint system – the BolaWrap – to members of the Newnan Coweta Public Safety Foundation.

The BolaWrap is fired from a device and shoots out two arrow-like darts attached by a string that wrap around a suspect’s legs or arms to keep them immobilized. Each of the devices cost about $1,000 and the NPD was able to get more than a dozen with a grant from the foundation and using seized drug money.

The foundation awards scholarships to children of public safety employees, as well as helping out with medial or financial difficulties.

“The Foundation has also supplied the different agencies with equipment that is not included in their budget but which enables them to protect themselves and to aid the citizens in our area,” said Norma Haynes, chairwoman. 

“Through the years, the Foundation has provided training material,  specially equipped bicycles for the police department and for the fire department, special equipment for the Coweta EMS to help save stroke victims’ lives, equipment for the 911 agency, radio operated collars for the canine division of the Sheriff Office, special protection helmets for the SWAT team, ballistic shields for officers, and the list goes on and on,” she added. “We are so happy to provide the BolaWrap equipment which is demonstrated today.”

The foundation is always looking for donations “no matter how small,” which may be sent to: NCPS FOUNDATION   P. O. Box 1113, Newnan, Georgia 30264.

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