Making a Bucket List a reality


From Metro Creative Services

The idiom “kick the bucket” is a euphemism for passing away that does not paint such a rosy picture if you consider its origins. However, the phrase “bucket list,” though undeniably related to “kick the bucket,” definitely sheds a brighter light on the topic of mortality.

A bucket list is a plan for living life to its fullest and prioritizing opportunities to engage in all sorts of activities. A bucket list can be made at any point in life and is not exclusive to individuals facing their own mortality. Here are some tips for putting bucket list plans into action.

• Stop and think about what you really want to experience in your lifetime. Leave factors like money or proximity out of it. No ideas are off-limits. This is your opportunity to brainstorm, and nothing is too crazy or silly.

• Write the bucket list in a comfortable or inspiring place, which may help ideas flow more freely. The place might be a cozy nook at a bookstore or a quiet spot on the beach.

• Choose things that are meaningful to you as well as ideas that are frivolous and fun. Make your list a mix of each, and don’t take yourself too seriously.

• Divide the bucket list by time. Are there items you can check off in a particular season, such as skiing the Alps? If your bucket list involves moving to a bustling city, determine if you’d like to do that after your children have reached adulthood or if you want to expose them to city life as youngsters. Categorizing the list by periods of your life can make it easier to prioritize certain activities over others.

• Determine if each bucket list activity will be a solitary or joint pursuit. Various activities are more enjoyable when shared with others, but some you might be more inclined to do alone.

• Set aside a budget for funding bucket list activities. Bucket lists may include some costly activities, so start saving now so money does not stand in your way. Open a savings account specifically for funding bucket list excursions and set up automatic deposits.

Bucket lists can encourage people to live life to the fullest and it’s never too early to get started on a list of your own.

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