Meet Audrey Harrelson: New Master Gardener Extension Volunteer


By Marci Moore, Special to The Shopper

Meet one of our newest Master Gardener Extension Volunteers (MGEV) in Coweta County – Audrey Harrelson.

Audrey was born in Aschaffenburg, Germany of a German mother and an American Military father and has the attributes of hard working and self-discipline.

She grew up in Columbus, Ga., and later moved to the Atlanta area after graduating from college.  She met her husband of more than 30 years, Bobby, while they were both working as police officers for the city of East Point.

Initially, Audrey and Bobby lived in East Point but moved to Coweta County in 1998. When Audrey retired as a captain in 2016, she decided to pursue her Master Gardener (MGEV) education and her interest in wild birds. She and Bobby owned and operated Wild Birds Unlimited in Peachtree City for two years where she enjoyed sharing her knowledge of wild birds.

Naturally, owning a business limited her time to participate as a MGEV, so when they sold their business in 2018, Audrey fully devoted herself to retirement and the MGEV certification process. Once she completed the MGEV course, she hit the Extension Greenhouse floor running!

She has been an active volunteer since completing her training 2018 and volunteers mainly with the Greenhouse committee spending many hours there each week organizing digs, potting plants, managing plant cuttings, planting seeds, and keeping the facility well-organized.  She also helps organize “intake” days when MGEV’s bring in plants they have grown themselves to be nurtured and cultivated for the spring and fall Plant Sales.

Audrey also volunteers regularly at the Nature Trail in the James E. McGuffey Nature Center located at the Coweta County Fairgrounds. It is a beautiful place to walk, meditate and unwind. A definite must for anyone visiting the Fairgrounds.

Audrey is an avid reader and you can often find her with a book in her hands relaxing in her garden.  In addition to gardening, Audrey and Bobby love to travel and are making plans to visit Nova Scotia, Holland, Germany and France where they plan to visit with family and friends. Audrey is a perfect example of someone who embraces retirement by spending time doing what she loves while also giving back to the community through volunteering!

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