Mr. Personality – February 2018


February is the month set aside for lovers, which always means a busy time for Mr. and Mrs. Graham of Let Them Eat Toffee, located at 18 A North Court Square. They have the best selections of anything chocolate for any special occasion to include Saint Valentine’s Day.

This year they have two additional treats, my 2018 Mr. Personality calendars and my Personality Matters book, both of which will enhance your sweet gift for that somebody special. You best put your order in early.

The treasure of the month for the Courthouse Square, the best kept secret in all of Georgia, is iControl and Audio Video, located on 9B Greenville St. Upstairs, Lou Carta is one of the new kids on the square. Lou has the finest electronics, which he installs with integrity and experience.

Lou also offers smart home technology, home theaters, multi-room music and video plus much more. You are invited to come in for a free demo and coffee. Be sure to tell him Mr. Personality sent you.

There is a lot going on around the Square, starting off this new year Gillyweed, as Valerie Dumas, is moving her unique store to 21 West Court Square between Leaf and Bean and Fabiano’s. Local Provisions, a one-of-a-kind culinary marketplace, will be opening this month in Gillyweed’s old location at 8 Jefferson St. There is, as I said, a lot going on at the Courthouse Square. 2018 is going to be a very good year on the Square, so come and watch.

We seem to be having a wet, cold winter this year and a great place to get your wet and cold weather gear is at One Divine Design, located at 9 East Broad St. And by the way, they too are carrying my Personality Matters book as well as their Charles Rivers raincoats and sherpas and a whole lot more.

I have been meeting many interesting people that just moved in and they seem to come from all over. The last group I met came from Texas. I always tell people that this is the best kept secret of all of Georgia, but I am beginning to think that the word is getting out. Maybe I can become a tour guide this summer, you think?

As always, whenever I have the opportunity to do so, I love to tell anyone that will listen just how much I love this amazing town of Newnan as I am truly living heaven on earth. I have to express my feelings in another poem I would like to share with you all here.

My Life, My Gift, My Song

Divine spirit has indeed blessed me as I am living my life inside a poem, or perhaps a song that I sing to the beat of my own heart from dusk to dawn. Footsteps of long ago, locked into the earth all throughout the globe give proof that we never are alone.

Listen and hear the many voices through time and years of all the yesterdays and fading sounds of all tomorrows that is going, going, gone, was it but a dream?

In the night sky, a twinkle of light, a star or two? What tales might they tell about the heavens and the hells? One again there is sound and movement in the universe as God reawakens creating a new world, a new you, a new me, a new us for all to see.

Thank you

Until next month, love

Mr. Personality.

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