Mr. Personality: Downtown Newnan, Book of the Month and Other Ramblings


By MR. PERSONALITY, Special to The Paper

July: The highlight for this month is Independence Day, truly a good day to celebrate and to fully appreciate. I noticed that the Market days of each month is growing and expanding with both vendors and visitors from all over the state and other places as well. 

I have been spending much of my time at the A. Mitchell Powell Library located on Hospital Road, Phone: 770-253-3625. I am drawn to the section of books that have been donated and are on sale. I have been upgrading my own personal library of books of wisdom in this manner, many amazing finds such as the copies of vintage National Geographic magazines. If you are a book-lover, come check out the donated section, tell them Mr. Personality sent you. 

Another way you can borrow books is from Coweta F.O.R.C.E located on 36 Salbide Avenue, Phone: 678-633-5688. Highly trained people provide recovery support services for individuals and family members impacted by addiction. Coweta F.O.R.C.E. is a great place to donate books as well as bottled waters, soft drinks, and snacks. Stop by and ask how you can help your community services that are dedicated to helping others. 

I have become aware we all tend to create our daily life through how we speak to ourselves. It is mostly a simple matter of what percentage of self talk is positive or negative that shall determine a positive or negative experience. I used to speak mostly negative messages about myself that I saw taught since childhood, negative messages that were other people’s opinions and mostly were true.

Since my awakening in spirit, the knowledge that I am not my flesh and blood body, but am truly a spirit. A god-spark locked within this “meat suit.” I have, through my books of wisdom, discovered that I can choose my thoughts, words, and deeds through the way I choose to speak about myself. 

I am indeed a spiritual being having a human experience, not vice versa. I wanted to include a short essay on self-talk each month, as many of my kindred spirits often speak only the negative messages about themselves and are simply beating themselves up. The same way I spent much of my life doing. 

And now, The Book of the Month which supports my self-talk essay. Truly a book of wisdom in every sense of the word. This book is titled “The Voice of Knowledge” by Don Miguel Ruiz. I recommend this book with all my heart. (1) The contents from the very first page to the very last is indeed a spiritual truth. The author speaking of his own childhood experiences so spoke of my own, as if he had been a fly on the wall at the time. (2) The truth is indeed truly a heartfelt experience without words. The author draws a vivid and clear example of how we tend to abuse ourselves and others through lies we have been taught since childhood. Lies such as “I am stupid,” a “failure,” “will never amount to anything,” and other lies told to cause guilt, shame, and other mental pain. (3) The book contains the truth on how to recover from such negative experiences. 

This very book expresses what we each know within ourselves that is indeed true. Read this book and free yourself from your negative self-talk. The sense of truth and freedom experienced will have you in a constant state of euphoria. I know this because I am experiencing such freedom in ways beyond words. Stop living the lies that you are not good enough.

Until next time, Peace, Love, and Much Respect

Your friend Mr. Personality

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    Love this I believe it can help my son. I would love two copies. Tell where I can get them!
    Thank you for sharing with us!

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