New West Georgia Technical College transferable Associate Degrees offered


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West Georgia Technical College is offering a new transferable Associate of Science degree in General Studies that allows students to choose one of six specializations to fit their educational goals.

Students enrolling in the new A.S. degree can choose to specialize their coursework for biology, criminal justice, political science, psychology, sociology or economics. After graduation from WGTC, each of these specializations leads to a corresponding bachelor’s degree at the University of West Georgia. Most of the credits also will transfer anywhere in the University System of Georgia.

“We are very excited to offer this new opportunity to our students,” Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Kristen Douglas said. “Students have been asking us to provide more transferable options in more programs of study, and we think this general studies degree is perfect for them.”

Douglas said graduates with an A.S. in General Studies should be able to begin as a junior in a corresponding program at UWG.

“The University of West Georgia continues to be a great partner for us,” President Dr. Scott Rule said. “Together, we are eliminating the either/or decision that prospective students typically had to make between West Georgia Technical College and the University of West Georgia. We now have the option of both/and. The Associate of Science in General Studies focuses on classes that will readily transfer to UWG. Some students will want to go directly into the workplace upon earning our associate of science while others may want to continue their studies and apply those same courses as the first two years of a bachelor’s degree at UWG.”

UWG Interim President Dr. Micheal Crafton also praised the partnership.

“We are pleased to partner with West Georgia Technical College to offer more opportunities for students in the West Georgia area to achieve their educational and professional goals,” Crafton said. “Our two institutions have a special partnership built on a strong, mutual desire to see students succeed, and this degree in general studies will be highly beneficial for UWG, West Georgia Tech, and most importantly, the students we serve.”

Not every specialization will be available at every WGTC campus. Students will need to check with an admissions counselor or academic advisor to determine available locations.

Each specialization for the A.S. degree requires a minimum of 62 credit hours. More details are available at

According to Douglas, WGTC will be using the new A.S. in General Studies to broaden the reach of its current transferable A.S. degrees.

“This new degree will eventually replace our current A.S. in Psychology and A.S. in Criminal Justice degrees,” Douglas said. “We believe this new degree offers more opportunity for a wider range of students, while still allowing transferable psychology and criminal justice options for our students.”

The new A.S. in General Studies degree will begin in January. Please visit an admissions counselor or email [email protected] for more information.

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