Senior Living Advice: Helping Seniors thrive during COVID-19


By Beth Dow, Solutions By Beth

Families everywhere are learning to live with a new normal.  People of all ages are being affected.

But the age group that may be most affected are those over 65 years of age – in compromised health and/or ones that have relied on family members and friends for day-to-day help.  Help, that in today’s new normal, could bring a risk of exposure.

For the past 13 years locally, Home Helpers has been providing individuals and families peace of mind by giving support and assistance with everyday tasks.  And today, more than ever, having an extra hand is proven to help seniors to not just thrive in this epidemic but thrive through it.   

Proper nutrition and sanitation, and maintaining a social connection with family and friends has proven to be the key to warding off, not only COVID-19, but other diseases and illnesses as well.

Home Helpers is available to grocery shop, provide meal planning, meal delivery and meal preparation.  They are also available for mealtime conversation as studies have shown seniors eat more when they share a meal than when they eat alone.

As people age, they may not be able to clean and sanitize as well as they should.  Their vision may prevent them from seeing areas that need better cleaning or physical limitations  may restrict their ability to reach
areas.  Home Helpers can not only help clean the home but can also help with laundry and any personal
bathing or showering help that may be needed.

During social distancing and shelter-in-place orders, seniors that live alone are experiencing feelings of depression and loneliness.  Having someone in the home with them to share conversation helps.  In addition to conversation, their helper can assist with FaceTime or Google Duo calls with family members and friends.

With most doctor offices moving to telehealth phone calls in lieu of face-to-face visits, having someone in the home to facilitate the technology, providing blood pressure and O2 checks, relaying first-hand information regarding the senior’s health and well-being is proving invaluable.   

Now more than ever having a Home Helper can not only make your life easier, it will make your life better and healthier.

For more information about home care or any questions you have regarding yours or your loved ones care, call 678-876-5118 or email [email protected].


Beth Dow is a Dementia and Alzheimer’s Educator, CAEd, Geriatric Case Manager and Certified Senior Advisor. Contact her at [email protected].

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