Seniors can boost energy with the right foods



A nutritious diet is a key component of a healthy lifestyle. And for seniors, the right diet can be a key part of treating any number of health issues. In fact, changing one’s diet may be something seniors can consider if they are feeling sluggish.

Food can be a helpful ally for seniors dealing with fatigue and low energy. WebMD says eating a balanced diet is one of the ways to improve low energy levels, and that balanced diet should include certain foods that are natural energy boosters.

• Whole grains: Switching refined grains for whole grains is a good way to boost energy. These grains are full of complex carbohydrates that help boost metabolism and provide energy. They’ll also work longer in the body than the more refined options. Swap out “white” products like breads and rices for whole wheat or brown rice.

• Lean protein sources: While protein does not give the same quick boost of energy as a high carbohydrate meal, it will help fuel the body and keep a person feeling full longer. According to Discovery Senior Living, protein helps increase concentration levels, produces stronger muscles and helps maintain optimal blood sugar levels. Chicken, tuna and legumes are some notable protein sources.

• Nuts: Most nuts are a complete package that provide healthy fats, proteins and amino acids that are good for the body. The fiber and carbohydrates in nuts digest more slowly and help provide a steady supply of energy throughout the day. Replace croutons in salads with nuts, or sprinkle some nuts on oatmeal at breakfast.

• Fruits and vegetables: Berries, sweet potatoes, dark, leafy greens, and other produce are low-calorie, low-sugar options for snacks and sides that boost health. They’re full of fiber and antioxidants that can ward off illness, and they can provide an energy boost as well. Berries and vegetables can be added to smoothies or salads.

The right foods can help seniors restore energy levels and promote overall health.

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