The Trends – July/August


Each month I strive to share current trends and ideas that are popular and impact our lives in positive ways. It is so hard to imagine that July is upon us and summer is here. Many are headed to the beach while others are opting for the Staycation.

I love covering style, fashion, health, wellness, beauty, relationships and everyday life tips and trends. It is my desire to bring you a variety of fun topics and sometimes, life-changing trends. I hope you enjoy them and please feel free to share The Paper and The Shopper with friends and family.

There are things however, that are just trendy and a passing fad. I am not so fond of covering those but sometimes it is just fun to see what those latest fads are and how long will they actually stay around.

Spinners, Gadgets & Stress Managers

Spinners are all the rage for kids, at least that is what the SONs are telling me and all the other kiddos I meet. I am sure, unless you are under a rock or are never around children, you will have heard of these.

That being said, evidently I must admit being under a rock for a few months. It is funny when I was a young gal I used to play with Playdough.Winters played with silly putty and we played with our pets. We didn’t have electronic games we could take anywhere, anytime, and television that we could watch in our cars. It was a different time indeed. Now this Generation X and Millennials have cell phones, iPads and are now carrying spinners wherever they go.

Our youngest SON shared with me that spinners were allowed in the classroom to help their friends focus in class. It is known that gadgets can help children with ADD and ADHD focus as it is something they can do with their hands and that in turn helps them stay on task in the classroom. Some teachers love them and others not are not so fond of this trend or fad. I recently spoke with one teacher who said she was fine with spinners as long as the kids were more focused on her then on the spinner. Our Eldest just got his fourth or fifth one.

Winters has a small flat rock he carries with him. I have one of those comfort crosses and I hold it and it fits perfectly in my hand. Some may even use a rosary, but whatever your choice in helping you deal with life and stress is a great thing to me.

Summertime Reading Is A Must

It is alway fun to see what others are reading this summer. It is always good for the soul and mind to read. Reading keeps your brain active and that is a must as we age. It also helps you continue to be a lifetime learner. Making time to read each day is a great long term habit.

You can head to our local libraries and pick up great books and do not forget our free libraries in area neighborhoods. I think it is really cool that Drakkel Smith’s Eagle project was building these Free Libraries and you can check out his handy work and his community contributions at elementary schools including Elm Street, Atkinson, Northside, Ruth Hill and the Newnan Utilities Park. You can also shop our local shops, which carry many books as well. Of course you know I am going to recommend The Little Black Dress and The SONs of Thunder ~ Recipes on Life and Food as well as Everyone Needs a Sam. Just a little plug since Winters wrote them.

Ask your friends what they are reading. I do this all the time and I’ve found those who share similar books make great friends as well. Angela Muson loves Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. Lisa Anne recommends Love and Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs. Tina Mann is reading The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. I have so many books I love I can’t even begin to list them. Barry Isear loves Green Eggs and Ham as does Winters.

Vision Boards Help Dreams Become Reality

It can be easy to get off track and lose focus for our dreams and goals. But goals and plans are a huge key to success. I love vision and dream boards. Summer is a perfect time to create one for yourself and even with your children. Goal setting can be a key to making those dreams a reality. Seeing your visions in pictures and in words can play a huge impact on your mind, body and spirit. The Bible says, “Where there is no vision people perish.”

I am a very visual person and love art and creating things out of nothing. But whether you have a creative flare or not you can create a vision board, which can be highly beneficial to you. Your vision board should be inclusive, inspiring and focused. No two will be alike. They are your creation. Here is what you need to get started: Scissors, magazines, pictures, glue and anything that will inspire you. You can put anything on them. They can certainty be three dimensional.

But please know a vision board holds no power. They are not magical and I personally do not believe in the law of attraction. I do believe however, where you put your focus and attention you will move toward that very thing. Similar to negative and positive self talk. I also know you reap what you sow and whatever you set your mind on you will move toward it and more than likely receive that. Vision Boards help cast a vision for what you want your life to look like and how to get there.

 Yellow Is The Color of the Season

Every season a color seems to pop up as the in color. If you haven’t heard this season the color is yellow and I am in luck because I do love yellow although most of you may know Winters calls me the LBD for a reason. I adore my black dresses and love wearing black. My father used to call me Johnny Cash but I do prefer the Little black Dress. But yellow and black make a fabulous combo. Trust me!

There are many shades of yellow so before you say “yellow is not on my color wheel” think again. There are all shades and tones such a lemon chiffon, merigold, tuscan sun, bumblebee, daffodil and so forth.

If color is intimidating to you then think like a stylist. Ease into it with something such as a purse, scarf or necklace. Accenting with yellow is a great idea, but be sure it’s the right shade for you.

Remember the the famous line from the movie The Blind Side when Sandra Bullock’s character shares this critical fashion tip that goes something like this” “Remember if you don’t love it in the store then you won’t love it at home. You love it most in the store.” This is a fashion classic timeless truth.

Pillows Are A Quick Pick Me Up For Your House

Want to make a quick change? Pillows can do that and bring life and fun to your home. Want a quick new look or fluff up your house? A perfect way to do so is with throw pillows. You can find them at every price. Recently, Wesley Woods redecorated the foyer and sitting area near the entrance and used a lovely touch of an Asian theme. Newnan designer Val Cranford of Cranford Interiors created a lovely ambiance. The fabric and colors transformed the space. So whether you are doing a whole revamp or just want to switch things up a bit, pillows and great fabrics are a wonderful way to do just that. I have so many pillows that Winters once said that our pillows were having babies and multiplying. You can find pillows in a wide variety of prices. At Fabritique Boutique, owner Kelley Keary can custom design just what you are looking for. You can purchase fabulous fabrics and Kelley makes custom pillows, cushions and and outdoor cushions.

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