Trends and Trendsetters: The Coweta County Fair


By Corby Carlin Winters, Public Relations and Marketing

Each month, we cover some of the hot trends from health and wellness, fashion and style, business or even tapping into your creative side.

There are so many new trends happening in social media, politics, business and fashion. Look for 2019 to be filled with many new ones while still holding on to those timeless trends.


Love the timeless trend of the Kiwanis County Fair this September.

My all-time favorite things of the Kiwanis Coweta County Fair are red candy apples, cotton candy and the carousel.  I am always trying to find that one spectacular horse.

Not only is the Fair incredibly fun and exciting, especially with those lights at night, but more than $200,000 is put back into the community for local non-profits.

So here a just a few tips to make your 2019 Fair experience the best ever.
• Wear comfortable shoes and if you don’t care about comfort then wear fabulous ones.

• Bring cash. There are ATMs, but lines could get long and sometimes the power goes out.

• Look in your mailbox or pick up a copy of  Winters Media and Publishing’s The Paper beforehand for the full schedule of fair events.

• There are coupons for free admission on Thursday, Sept. 19 and Monday, Sept. 23.

• Put your children in colorful shirts so they are easy to spot.

• Secure your phone. On rides, those phones and sunglasses can fly out of front shirt pockets.

• Make sure you have a designated place and time to meet friends and family when it’s time to go.

• If you need help, there are lots of sheriff’s deputies around. They are there to help so feel free to ask them.

• Questions? There’s an informational booth right outside the Midway where they can help you.


Corby Winters is known to many as a Power Shopper, the Little Black Dress and a life stylist. She’s crazy about shoes, clothes, accessories, and of course leopard prints. She loves writing, speaking, ministering, life coaching and being with friends, Winters and the SONS of Thunder.

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