WGTC partners with Kudzu to provide financial services to students


From WGTC Press Release

West Georgia Technical College (WGTC) has announced its partnership with Kudzu Money (Kudzu) as a financial resource and literacy advocate to students.

Kudzu is a customer-first online financial solution that offers transparent services and customized training for those eager to get on the right path, and it will now be available to all WGTC students. The partnership was finalized last November, and Kudzu was introduced to students during orientation and Weeks of Welcome events.

Kudzu was launched in 2023 to equip personal finance beginners with approachable online financial services that empower them to manage their money and build independence, without unnecessary fees and restrictions. Through Kudzu, students can move and grow their money with spending and interest-earning savings accounts, built-in virtual Climb™ tools that help them nurture smart financial habits and PayPerks®, a “learn and earn” educational rewards platform that uses fun, bite-sized learning modules to promote financial literacy while awarding chances to win monthly cash prize drawings.

WGTC is continuously exploring new ways to increase the number of support services and resources for its students. Because many students face financial challenges, including managing student loans, budgeting, and planning for the future, helping students improve financial literacy has been a main area of focus. College leadership saw partnering with Kudzu as a way to empower students to make informed decisions about their money, leading to better financial outcomes and long-term stability.

“West Georgia Tech advocates for students by providing as many opportunities as possible for their success inside and outside the classroom,” WGTC President Dr. Julie Post said. “Improving financial literacy is high on that list of charges. We are blessed to have community partners who can provide incredible resources, and we are honored to work closely with Kudzu to further prepare students for successful futures.”

Kudzu’s mission is to make financial freedom accessible to everyone, and it specifically brings value to college and university students by delivering the innovation they expect from a financial solution, along with transparency and user-friendliness that consumer research shows is often lacking with traditional banks. Backed by more than 50 years of experience in payment solutions, Kudzu’s parent organization, Systems & Methods, Inc. (SMI), is the nation’s leading government payment provider, with a presence in 16 states and 13 Tribes.

“We are thrilled to unveil Kudzu, a customer-centric fintech product dedicated to empowering cardholders with robust financial education,” said Bo Stone, SMI’s Chief Strategy Officer. “With Kudzu, we embark on a journey to provide meaningful impact, fostering financial wellness and long-term customer value. This launch marks our commitment to building a brighter financial future for all.”

To learn more about Kudzu or sign up, visit kudzumoney.com/grow/wgtc.

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