August Tips, Trends and Trendsetters


The Labyrinth at Serenbe Community.

By Corby Carlin Winters
Marketing / Public Relations, The Shopper & The Paper
This month I wanted to focus on things that will make your life less stressful. Now that school has started again, many of us can get back to our normal pace and moms can take much need time for themselves. Summertime can be very hectic, so as we enter into fall now is a chance to re-engage in a routine. Just remember it is amazing how one small change can impact your life enormously. This can be in the area of health and wellness or finances to growing your business or reconnecting with your spouse and friends.
Finding peace of mind
Inner peace, inner peace, inner peace. Words might be easy to repeat but not as easy to achieve. In our stress-filled days, people look for healthy ways to combat anxiety and being overworked. Some take to yoga, something I totally love and I personally can recommend Barefoot Lizard Yoga owned by Elizabeth Dorsey. Elizabeth proves you can take on a new passion at any age and helps others find inner peace, strength and much more. Her studio offers yoga for all levels of experience. The atmosphere is soothing and calm and yoga can be enjoyed by anyone.
In Newnan you can also find therapeutic toning tables, cardio equipment and infrared saunas all in one spot – Renew Fitness, which is owned by Linda and Jim Lane. Now if you think you are too young for toning beds or assume this is for people of a “certain age,” then think again. I went to Renew Fitness and tried it out and I loved it. It was a great workout. They offer support, encouragement, individualized help and a friendly social environment.
At both Barefoot Lizard and Renew Fitness, people told me they gained overall health and physical strength. Most of all, they said, their bodies felt so much better and they experienced a new joy in their lives. I consider that a huge compliment for those businesses.
Taking a mindful quiet walk
A labyrinth experience might be just for you too. These maze-type paths have been around for centuries and you can find several right near here. My favorite one is at the Serenbe Community just north of Coweta County. The labyrinth allows you to just simply walk and “be.” We can all let intrusive thoughts and the busyness of life distract us from our greater purpose to find clarity, peace of mind, insight and serenity.
Again, the path holds no power, but quieting the negative voices and seeking peace of mind is critical to our health. Serenbe makes for a spectacular escape and place. It is known for its value to nature, passion, creativity and community. They believe people can live more fully when connected to the wonder of nature. I love labyrinths so much I build a small one in our backyard. I hope you will grab a good friend or your family and head out for a unique and powerful experience.
Creative coloring books for adults
Adults are tapping into their creative side and the new trend of adult coloring books are popping up all over the place. As children we spent much of our time drawing, doodling and creating with color. We really are all artists in some way or another. My mother was an artist and incredibly creative and so were most of her friends. So I grew up encouraged to believe in my own creative ability. I love to paint anything that can be painted. I love to sew, decorate and create jewelry. I even love helping Ruth at The Shopper and The Paper create ads for our valued customers.
The great thing about these coloring books is you do not have to be an artist to enjoy them. Just pick up a pencil and start coloring. Many people find it relaxing and it helps them to focus. That is exactly what my friend, Georgia Fruechtenicht, who is the Special Education Parent Mentor for Coweta County Schools, believes. Georgia told she uses the coloring books to help her focus and listen better during lectures and even webinars. She told that during law school she got in trouble in a class for doodling. Clearly the professor did not realize it was helping her. These books are made to help you enjoy, create, relax and focus. I would urge you to never lose your childlike spirit and your gifts that reconnect you to your best self. So, check out this new trend.
Shopping conveniences
Right here in our neck of the woods you can order groceries and household supplies and drive to the store to pick them up. This is a new convenience that is making many people’s lives easy. Buying groceries takes times – and sometimes hours – especially if Winters sends me. Everyone I have asked loved it except for those who see shopping as a social event, which sounds like me. In our area, Kroger, Walmart and CVS are phasing in these offerings.
Our friend, Ginger Queener of the Coweta Community Foundation loves it. She says she looks through the pantry, talks to the family about what they want, plans meals and then just starts typing it in on Kroger’s website. They also offer the option of giving a percentage of sales to the charity of your choice. And so Coweta Community Foundation benefits from her shopping. She just names a time she want to pick up the food and then off she goes to the special click parking space at the store. She calls to let them know she’s there and they bring out her groceries. It saves her a huge amount of time, which is a valued commodity and as Ginger said “It gives her more time to give back to community.” Sounds fabulous to me.
If you love picking up fresh local vegetables, and fruit and local honey by then do not forget The Veggie Patch right on Hwy. 29 N. and Hal Jones Road next to the Chevron gas station. They are also now offering steaks, pork chops and casseroles. You can grab a whole meal and take it home and just cook it up.
Got an itch to switch things up
Sometimes a change in home decor is just what you need to find a little peace of mind. You do not have to be an interior designer or a shop owner to have the vision to create a new space in your home. My friend and neighbor, Allison Kelley, said the other day she “had an itch to switch things up” at her house and she sure did an awesome job. Allison took her living room into her own hands and went from a more traditional to a farmhouse look with a touch of industrial accents. Needless to say the new look is a hit with all her family and friends.
The Itch keeps on Itching
I have a passion and itch to switch it up all the time. But I have to tame that passion. One thing I love to switch out is light fixtures. Many of our merchants in The Shopper love to reuse, renew and recycle. Well, I am just the same, and the more crystals the better. Now Winters, he’s really happy with just ceiling fans. Woo, hoo. They don’t do much for me but we do have several. Crystals make me smile. I got this fabulous rubbed bronze chandelier at the One Roof Ecumenical Ministry Thrift Shop for just $10 and I got a chandelier from Rockin’ B Antiques for a great price from The White Booth. (Not familiar with the White Booth then I suggest you check it out). Next we hired Jon Courtright with Hometown Services to brighten up our house with our new reused light fixtures! And that’s because as Winters says, “I don’t do electricity.” He’s had a mishap or two.