July Trends & Trendsetters: She Sheds, Backyard Gardens and more


Corby Carlin Winters

By Corby Carlin Winters, Public Relations & Marketing

Each month, this Trends & Trendsetters column covers some of the hot trends from health and wellness, fashion and style, business or even tapping into your creative side. There are so many new trends happening in social media, politics, business and fashion. Look for 2020 to be filled with many new ones while still holding on to those timeless trends.

Here’s some scoop about things that are trending during the COVID-19 pandemic in Coweta County and nearby communities. Since many are getting cabin fever and a bit stir crazy while quarantined, lots of people have been doing outside projects.

Sheds, Sheds and Some are She Sheds

We moved into our neighborhood in Coweta County about 18 years ago and at that time you barely saw a backyard shed or “She Shed.” In 2013 or so we built my “Cottage” and now in  the last several years they are popping up all over our neighborhood and elsewhere.  They can be fun but also very functional.  Men use them for their favorite tool projects like woodwork. Some are for extra storage and others are”She Sheds” to make women happy too.

Backyard gardens

Covid-19 was only in its infancy in our area when my friend Mary Norman decided to create a real backyard garden.  I saw the pictures and it was quite inspirational.  Evidently, she has inspired many of her friends as well.  We planted a small, but substantial enough garden for us this past month and are having a blast watching and waiting for everything to bloom.

Outdoor living spaces 

Porches in the South are considered almost a necessity.  Ceiling fans, ferns, outdoor rugs and just the right furniture express the look of your home.  Whether you want to eat dinner outside or drink mimosas, the porch or veranda is the place to do so in the South. There are many designers and shop owners in our area that can help anyone get started on the summer porch of your dreams. Many are now enclosing them with screens to take full advantage of their porches and keep those horrid mosquitos away. A fabulous porch can be a great gift to you and your family.

The Well Manicured Lawn 

Being stuck at home means many have made time for yard work and long overdue tree trimming. I was awakened for many weeks to the sound of chainsaws and tree trimming grinders.  Even the city of Newnan has addressed the need to take down some dead or decaying trees.  Yard work is perfect for social distancing and reinvesting in your home and property.

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