Can’t Never Could Inc. observes National Family Caregivers Month


From Can’t Never Could Press Release

The local nonprofit Can’t Never Could, Inc. is joining with others around the country in observing November as National Family Caregivers Month.

According to the Caregiver Action Network, “Family caregivers manage health emergencies, juggle priorities, and suffer isolation—and all that was before COVID. The pandemic brings even more challenges as family caregivers handle caregiving in crisis.”

Christi Estes, a co-founder of Can’t Never Could, knows firsthand about the challenges of caregiving. In 2016, she was named the recipient of the National Brain Cancer Caregiver award in honor of her caregiving of her husband, CNC co-founder Rob Estes, who passed away in 2017.

At the time of her award, Christi said, “My husband is a big man whose strength has always seemed larger than life to me. He has been a wonderful provider and partner for 21 years. The role of caregiver is an honor for me. Sometimes it feels overwhelming and it is certainly exhausting, as I am responsible for more and more for him and our family, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. God has given me the gift of Rob. Caring for Rob is like breathing air. It’s not a choice. I love him, and I always will. I will do whatever it takes to make sure he receives the best care possible and feels the immensity of the love I have for him. I will love and care for him forever.”

Rob himself nominated Christi for the National Caregiver of the Year award through End Brain Cancer. She said, “His beautiful words and the words of our family won me the honor, and we were able to attend the Society for Neuro-Oncology’s annual conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, as the guests of End Brain Cancer and Novocure. On the trip, Rob and I spent quiet time together relaxing, and I was also able to meet and speak with leaders in the neuro-oncology field.”

Here are some tips for caregivers, courtesy of the Caregiver Action Network:

• Seek support from other caregivers. You are not alone!

• Take care of your own health so that you can be strong enough to take care of your loved one.

• Accept offers of help and suggest specific things people can do to help you.

• Learn how to communicate effectively with doctors.

• Caregiving is hard work, so take respite breaks often.

Founded in 2013, Can’t Never Could, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to helping individuals and groups who are facing adversity and personal battles. Through monetary donations, support, and faith in Jesus Christ, Can’t Never Could wishes to instill determination and hope to those who are experiencing these challenges. Can’t Never Could says it “makes these contributions with the desire to glorify Christ, who provides strength.”

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