CCF honors Yamaha as Runner-Up for IMPACT Award

Pictured above (from left) are Scott Berta (Board Member of Boys & Girls Club Metro Atlanta), Kelli Yeager-Nelson (Executive Director of Bridging the Gap), Leslie Davis (Community Outreach Coordinator CCF), Kristin Webb (Executive Director CCF), Jason Broshear (Yamaha), Chris Gervais (Yamaha), and Jacob Crace (Yamaha).

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The Coweta Community Foundation (CCF) is proud to announce Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation as the runner-up recipient of the esteemed IMPACT Corporate Innovative Project Award. This recognition is a testament to Yamaha’s exceptional support and partnership in executing the Soapbox Derby Academy, a remarkable short-term community engagement initiative.

The IMPACT Corporate Innovative Project Award, presented by the Corporate Volunteer Council of Atlanta (CVC), acknowledges businesses that have successfully completed innovative, creative, and impactful projects in the realms of employee engagement, volunteerism, and social impact. Projects eligible for this award must have occurred between January 1, 2022, and June 30, 2023, and must have demonstrated measurable outcomes.

Yamaha’s Soapbox Derby Initiative, which earned them the runner-up position, was a collaborative endeavor with the Coweta Community Foundation, Boys & Girls Club of Metro Atlanta and Bridging the Gap. Yamaha sponsored entries for 20 children into a thrilling soapbox derby car race, an integral part of a community fundraiser benefiting three nonprofit partners. The project unfolded through a series of engaging workshops where Yamaha employees and volunteers collaborated closely with the students. Together, they designed the soapbox vehicles, assembled them from parts meticulously fabricated by Yamaha teams, and rigorously tested each creation on a specially designed course.

On the day of the race, April 15, 2023, more than 30 dedicated Yamaha volunteers joined hands with the Coweta Community Foundation to set up the race course and enthusiastically cheer on the participants, infusing the community with a sense of togetherness and excitement. The Soapbox Academy, a hallmark of the initiative, introduced a repeatable STEM-focused curriculum, ensuring a sustainable impact year after year.

“While Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation may have been named the runner-up, their support and commitment were nothing short of exceptional,” said Kristin Webb, Executive Director of the Coweta Community Foundation. “Their partnership in bringing the Soapbox Derby Initiative to life showcased the power of collaboration and innovation in driving meaningful change within our community.”

She added, “The Coweta Community Foundation extends its heartfelt appreciation to Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation for their outstanding dedication and support. This recognition underscores the Foundation’s commitment to forging strong bonds between businesses and communities, creating a more vibrant and resilient Coweta County.”

“Being named the runner-up for the IMPACT Corporate Innovative Project Award is an honor that we share with the Coweta Community Foundation,” said Jason Broshear, Division Manager of Corporate Planning and Sustainability at Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation of America. “Together, we believe in the potential of creative community engagement to make a lasting difference.  This was a great opportunity to provide a way for the organization and, more importantly, our employees to give back to the community in a positive manner that we believe will last a lifetime.  These types of activities are uniquely aligned with our Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental, Social and Governance ambition.”

Webb said the Coweta Community Foundation commends Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation for their unwavering support and commitment to building a stronger, more connected community. This recognition is a testament to their corporate citizenship and dedication to innovative community engagement.

To learn more about creating downhill dreams at the April 20, 2024, Soapbox Derby, visit:

Participant Fisher Webb was among those enjoying this year’s Soapbox Derby.

Scott Berta prepares to kick off the Soapbox Derby.

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