Consider This: Accountability Can Make For Better Work Habits


By Ken Hammock, The Joy FM
I did something the other day I’ve not done in a long while. I asked someone senior to me to hold me accountable for something specific.
In sales, especially outside sales, most representatives have an entrepreneurial spirit. They like to be on their own, free handed, pounding the pavement, working hard to give themselves a raise. The more you sell, the more commission you make.
Yet, I’ve heard that movie matinees were created so timid sales people would have a place to hang out in the afternoons, and coffee shops are where sales loiterers camp. Not sure that is true, but I’ve heard that said.
Even seasoned veterans hit a lull in their prospecting, discovery of new clients, presentation skills, closing techniques, paperwork, or any other of the steps needed to succeed in sales. The other day I asked a senior, who is a close friend, to hold me accountable for discovering and developing leads in specific industry categories. All of us tend to have niche customers. We gravitate to those we know more about or are more comfortable seeing. Sometimes we need to admit it and ask for help.

Here are three benefits to asking for accountability:
1. The person you ask gains a deeper respect for you and your commitment to be better. You have become more self-aware and never too proud to see and face your own weaknesses. Plus, that person surely will feel honored that you requested their help.
2. This forces you to change your status quo and to get outside your own paradigm. You now have to answer for the actions you take. It shakes things up and gets you outside of your comfort zone.
3. Finally, accountability makes you a better, more seasoned sales person. You learn, grow, change and just get better at what you do.
Better work habits are created which usually means better performance and better income.  Ask for help. Everyone needs it. No one is alone in their journey. There are a lot of sales reps and leaders willing to see you succeed. Take advantage of them.
Or, just go catch the next matinee.
Let me know if I can help.
(Ken Hammock is a 30-year marketing veteran and is the Corporate Engagement Specialist for The JOY FM. You can reach him via email at [email protected])