Coweta County 911/EMA Announces the Creation of Logan’s Law Database


From Coweta County Press Release

Coweta County 911/Emergency Management Agency (EMA) in partnership with the Georgia Emergency Communications Authority (GECA), announces the creation of Logan’s Law database, beginning July 1, 2023.

This feature will help 9-1-1 operators to alert first responders that there are individuals in the home who may have special needs.

 “In an emergency, safety is always a primary concern,” said Michael Terrell, 911/EMA Director. “We are encouraging all Coweta County residents to call and register your family member who may have a special need into our database.”

 This feature helps Coweta County 911/EMA:

 · Respond more compassionately once dispatched

· Identify any triggers that may be overwhelming to an individual

· Assist first responders in knowing who or what to look for

· Promote cost efficiency by providing the most appropriate response

· Reducing burden on law enforcement, public health and other safety resources

 For more information or to fill out the form, please visit the 911 Department page on or contact 770-254-5809.

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