Coweta County students outscore national SAT average


From Coweta County Schools Press Release

The Coweta County School System’s average SAT score increased by one point in 2020, during a year that saw state and national scores decrease on the college readiness exam.

Coweta Schools’ average SAT score rose to 1082 among its 2020 graduates, placing Coweta 52 points above the national average and 39 points above the state average on the college entrance exam.

Reporting released by the College Board and the Georgia Department of Education shows test results for 2020 graduates on the SAT’s Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Math sections of the test.  The test is scaled between 400 and 1600 points.

It was the sixth year in a row that the Coweta County School System scored higher than both the state and nation.  All three Coweta high schools’ average scores in 2020 were also above state and national averages.

This was also the third year that the state of Georgia’s average SAT score was above the national average. Georgia public school students’ average score dropped 5 points in 2020, to an average score of 1043.  National SAT averages dropped 9 points in 2020 to an average score of 1030.  That widened Georgia students’ performance on the SAT to 13 points above the national average for the SAT.

The Coweta County School System’s average SAT score of 1082 placed the district 17th in performance out of Georgia’s 181 school systems, or in the top 10 percent of all school districts in the state.  Those results make the Coweta County School System one of the higher-ranked school systems in a state with an average SAT score well above the nation.

“The steady rise in SAT scores that we have seen over the last six years represent hard work by teachers and diligence by our students, as well as a rigorous advanced curriculum in our high schools,” said Superintendent Evan Horton. “That they have continued to increase in such an unprecedented year speaks to the high quality of work in the Coweta County School System.”

Coweta County’s SAT average, overall and by section, compared to state and national averages were:

Results for Coweta’s three high schools were:

The mean scores above represent data for students in the graduating class of 2020 who took the SAT during high school. Test-takers are counted only once and only their latest scores are included in the annual average.

While individual school scores may rise or fall from year to year, because of smaller testing pools, East Coweta, Newnan and Northgate’s consistently high performance on the SAT tends to rank the Coweta County School System high among Georgia school systems.

2020 graduates of East Coweta, Northgate and Newnan High Schools performed well overall and by subject test, with all three schools performing above state and national averages.

Northgate’s average score of 1118 placed the school 40th among Georgia’s 477 public high schools (top 8 percent).  Newnan High’s average score placed the school 85th in the state (top 18 percent).   East Coweta’s average score placed the school 110th in the state (top 23 percent).

64 percent of Georgia public-school graduates in the class of 2020 took the SAT, down from 67 percent in 2019. 696 students in Coweta County’s 2020 graduating class took the SAT. The Georgia Department of Education’s report on 2020 SAT results can be found here.

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