High Schools set dates for Alternative Honors, Graduations Ceremonies


From Coweta County Schools Press Release

Coweta County School System high schools have set alternative dates and plans for honoring their 2020 graduates.

East Coweta, Northgate and Newnan High Schools will use a combination of virtual on-line honors and graduation ceremonies to recognize students in May, given that schools and school functions will remain closed due to the COVID-19 epidemic.  The three high schools are working with community partners, the Central Educational Center and WOW studios to film the virtual broadcasts, which will be aired on a variety of media.

Virtual recognitions in May will be followed by live formal graduation ceremonies in late July for all students who wish to participate, as circumstances allow.

The high school schedules are:

Virtual Honors Night

High schools will pre-record a virtual honors night presentation to be broadcast online and via social media on the dates below:

Newnan High School – Thursday, May 7

Northgate High School – Monday,  May 18

East Coweta High School – Tuesday, May 19

(Broadcast times and details to follow)

Virtual Graduation Night

Schools will pre-record virtual graduation ceremonies to be broadcast online and via social media on the same dates that live graduation ceremonies would have been held:

Northgate High School – Thursday, May 21

Newnan High School –  Friday, May 22

East Coweta High School – Saturday, May 23

(Broadcast times and details to follow)

Formal Graduation Night 

Alternative live graduation ceremonies will be held on the high schools’ campuses, as circumstances allow, for 2020 graduates and family members:

Northgate High School – Wednesday, July 29 (NGHS campus, Henry Seldon Field)

Newnan High School – Thursday, July 30 (NHS campus, Drake Stadium)

East Coweta High School – Friday, July 31 (ECHS campus, Garland Shoemake Stadium)

(Event times and participation details to follow)

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