Deal Finder: Ways to save $$$ on your child’s extracurricular activities


By LaTina Emerson, The Shopper Deal Finder

As children grow and try to figure out their talents and strengths, they often experiment with different extracurricular activities. While this process of self-exploration is necessary and beneficial, it can also become expensive for parents.

Many kids like to try their hand at music or sports, but instead of purchasing brand new equipment, parents should consider renting or buying discounted items instead. Here are some nearby retailers that offer deals on band equipment and sporting gear:

Band Equipment

Gentry Pawn Shop

If your middle or high school student wants to join the school band or learn to play an instrument, consider taking a trip to your local pawn shop. Gentry Pawn Shop at 65 Jefferson St. in Newnan often has wind instruments, such as clarinets and flutes, in stock. In many instances, the pawn shop has purchased the instruments from parents whose children no longer play them, and it resells these gently used instruments at much cheaper prices than new ones, which can mean huge savings for families.

The instruments are mechanically sound, but parents will need to replace minor items such as pads or reeds. Gentry Pawn Shop also carries guitars, keyboards and snare drums. For more information, call 770-251-3977.

Newnan Plaza Pawn Shop
Parents can find several instruments, such as clarinets and guitars, at Newnan Plaza Pawn Shop, located at 167 Greenville St. in Newnan. For more information, call 770-304-8224.

Pawn Express of Newnan
Pawn Express of Newnan at 93 Temple Ave. in Newnan has a number of band and orchestra instruments for sale, including clarinets, flutes, trumpets, trombones and violins. For more information, call 678-673-6565.

Music & Arts
Families can rent a variety of band and orchestra instruments from Music & Arts, a retail store at 308 City Circle, Suite 1240, in Peachtree City’s Avenue shopping center. Music & Arts offers student-level and intermediate instruments, including clarinets, flutes, saxophones (alto and sometimes tenor), trumpets, French horns, trombones, violins, violas and cellos.

Anyone interested in music (students or non-students) can rent instruments from Music & Arts. The retailer does not have guitars, pianos or drums in stock, but if customers need instruments that aren’t available, Music & Arts will have them transferred to the Peachtree City store.
To rent an instrument, customers will sign a rent-to-own contract and make monthly payments. The contract length and the instrument’s rental price will depend on the model of the instrument, its rental history and the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). Customers can purchase the instrument before their contract ends, which can save up to 30 percent off the price of the instrument.

Renting an instrument has several advantages. Music & Arts offers insurance that covers the cost of all repairs. Customers also have access to higher quality instruments than those found online.

Music & Arts also offers music lessons. Classes are offered daily at the store, and students can schedule lessons once a week. For more information, contact Music & Arts at 770-632-0330.

Attina’s Music Store
Attina’s Music Store at 378 Glynn St. in Fayetteville has a number of band and orchestra instruments available for rent to buy. Basic band instruments, including trumpets, clarinets, flutes, trombones, percussion kits and violins, can be rented at a special rate of $12.82 for the first two months and $35.29 for each additional month, which includes insurance and tax.

More expensive instruments, such as saxophones, French horns, cellos and upright basses, will vary in price. For more information, call 770-461-2699.

Sporting Gear

Your middle or high schooler might want to try out team sports, but these costs can add up, especially as children grow or change interests. Instead of buying brand new sporting gear, parents can find gently used items at Play It Again Sports, a sporting goods resale franchise store at 35 Hudson Plaza in Fayetteville.

Play It Again Sports offers sporting gear for baseball, softball, golf, lacrosse, hockey, boxing, disc golf, tennis and fitness (exercise equipment such as treadmills, elliptical machines and more). Customers can save up to 50 percent off regular retail prices. They can also sell their own gently used sports equipment to the resale store.

For more information, contact Play It Again Sports at 770-460-7511 or visit

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