Encouraging Words: A temporary respite from COVID-19 – Laughter!


By Joe Williams, Publisher Emeritus

A cure for this very serious coronavirus has not yet been found, however, there is an old home remedy we can fall back on until the “official” cure is found.   No FDA approval or prescription is needed, and it will work immediately, even if temporarily.  It’s called “LAUGHTER!”

According to the Mayo Clinic, a big laughing session helps people handle stress by easing tension, relaxing muscles, and lowering blood pressure.  And laughing also stimulates our body’s organs by increasing oxygen to the heart, lungs, and brain, triggering the release of endorphins.  But the BIG DEAL is that laughter increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies which can improve our resistance to the coronavirus!

While out and about, which is very rare for me these days, I can’t help but see things that are a little funny, especially the wearing of safety masks.  My daughter, a nurse practitioner, told me I must wear a proper mask when around someone.  When I proudly came before her wearing my new mask, she said, “Dad, you have it on inside out and upside down!”  Wardrobe failure!  My other daughter brought a custom-made mask stitched by a good friend of hers.   The bands were so short, they pulled my ears straight out to the side of my head like wings!  Not really the look I wanted.

My laughing really gets going in public places.  Recently I drove into town wearing a mask, large sunglasses and a baseball type cap.  No part of my face was showing, however, the first thing I heard when entering the establishment was, “Hello, Mr. Joe!”  I felt like asking him what part of my clothed body he recognized!  And a lady in there was wearing a so-called “germ resistant mask” which was actually a baby’s diaper, placed over her face and nose, and taped behind her neck!  (I hope the baby was not the original user!)  And then there was the man I saw entering a store, wearing cowboy boots, western hat, and a bandanna covering his face below the eyes.  I figured there was about a 50/50 chance he was robbing the place!  As it turned out, the store robbed both me and the cowboy with their high prices on toilet paper!  Both rolls!

So, next time you’re feeling wore out, broke down and tore up,” use the old proven home remedy – a good laugh.  It may just relax your body, your mind, and your spirit.  And as an added bonus, you might just be stimulating your immune system against the Coronavirus!      

    “A merry heart does good like a medicine.  (Proverbs 17:22)

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